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A Famous Food is Under Recall, Learn Which One

Kraft is recalling nearly 50 tons of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners. The reason for the nationwide recall is some Classic Cheese Dogs may have gotten mixed in with the regular hot dogs. 50 more words

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HUGGY LOWDOWN: The Benjamin Button of Boxing, Porsha Is ‘Mimi Shower Rod’ Strong


04/21/14 – Huggy Lowdown is on one this morning! Guess who he calls the ‘Benjamin Button’ of boxing and just how strong is Porsha from RHOA? 27 more words


ROLAND MARTIN: Aretha Franklin Sues Satirical Website For $10M — But Can She?

Roland Martin talks to Arnold Reed, the Attorney who’s filing the $10M defamation of character lawsuit on behalf of Aretha Franklin against the website ‘News Nerd”. 50 more words


SYBIL WILKES NEWS: Boston Marathon Opening Day, The Death Of Boxer Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter

04/21/14 – Sybil Wilkes brings us the news discussing everything from the opening day of the Boston Marathon and the death of legendary Boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter.


MORNING MINUTE: Move Over Dougie, ‘Teach Me How To Mimi’ Is The Newest Obsession

04/21/14- Comedian Chris Paul introduces us to the newest obsession, ‘The Mimi’, and you’ve guessed it, a super-strength shower rod is included! But only if you can find one. 22 more words


TOP OF THE MORNING: Satellite Dish Sized Hats, Lime Green & More Easter Madness

04/21/14 – It’s Monday and the crew is back with all things Easter-related, including hats and color-coordinated families. And of course the anticipated ‘RHOA’ reunion conversation continues. 25 more words


‘I’ve Seen Easter Outfits That Make Me Wonder If They Owned A Mirror’ – Bishop T.D. Jakes

04/17/14  - Bishop T.D. Jakes stops by to talk about his new movie, Heaven is for Real. The mega-preacher has come under a little bit of fire for not portraying Jesus as a black man in his film. 50 more words