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Debt and control in friendships 2

I’ve mentioned  this before: I have issues with controlling JS and TK through money.

I’ve been pretty good recently at backing off from it. I just give them whatever money they ask for, and don’t think much about it. 412 more words


Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up – P4/5 Week 2

This past week, I added in some of the Gross Motor, Fine Motor, and Information activities from ABC Jesus Loves Me.  Our fine motor activity for this week was to draw “My Family”.   437 more words


“Relating Without Guile”

Most of our patterns of relating are naturally very self-protective and actually quite manipulative. While distance or demand provides us a setting to be safe from the transparencies of vulnerability, contact and relating in conversation often only touches others to the degree that we get our own needs met. 605 more words


Bear baiting: undercover at the methadone clinic

After a fair bit of muddled, wishy-washy preparation, JS, TK, and I were ready to go in the clinic.

So where it stood was that JS owed $180 for three months of clinic fees because the receptionist at the clinic hadn’t appropriately cleared things with welfare. 777 more words


Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up - P4/5 Week 1

We did it!

Our first week of homeschool is done.  We are using Sonlight P4/5 curriculum as a pre-K/TK (transitional kindergarten) for B.  He turns 5 in November, so I think so far this curriculum is a good choice for him. 276 more words