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Thomas Aquinas on the Latin Mass

What’s better than either St. Thomas Aquinas or the Latin Mass? St. Thomas Aquinas speaking on the Latin Mass, of course!

Dr. Taylor Marshall is starting a new video series, discussing twelve mystical actions of the Mass (i.e., parts of the Mass most confusing to the newcomers  as covered by the Dominican saint.


Is your ignorance stealing someone’s right to live with dignity?

Shambhu Kumar Singh and his wife Poonam Chauhan live in Kasturbha Kusht Gram Ashram, the leprosy colony in Tahirpur, Shahdara along with their three children and Shambhu’s step-father who had leprosy and was fully cured. 1,050 more words


Objections to the Traditional Latin Mass answered: The Lectionary

In commentary after commentary of defenders of the Novus Ordo, from liberals to so-called “conservatives” (who are preserving the liberal revolution), they always point to the supposed superiority of the lectionary of the Novus Ordo to that of the Traditional Latin Mass. 1,628 more words


Author Reading: Compassion and My Cadaver

Listen to author David G. Hankins, MEd, read his Teaching and Learning Moments essay, “Compassion and My Cadaver,” published in the June 2014 issue of Academic Medicine.

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