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Scan results for September 2014


This time the results are not really different from past month’s ones. About two percent of servers more use SHA-256 signed certificates and 1% more has configuration that allows negotiation of PFS suites. 675 more words


Cloudflare SSL

In a recent blog post CloudFlare announced that they will deploy Universal SSL. What it means, in short, is that even the free tier of their clients will receive redirect to TLS servers configured with ECDSA certificates if the CDN detects a modern browser. 12 more words


Asterisk: Secure comms - Encrypt signaling/voice

Nowdays, is pretty important to protect our data, in voip this can be done through encrypting the comm in two parts:

1.- Encrypt signaling: Sip protocol is a text based protocol similar to HTTP, is the protocol whose be in charge of all call related actions as maintaning the call. 430 more words


Exchange 2010 with a TLS Smart Host

If you’ve got an external spam/virus filtering service, such as McAfee SaaS, and you would like to encrypt emails from your servers to theirs, you can choose to enforce TLS connections. 183 more words

Exchange 2003

TLS landscape

(This article was originally published on securityblog.redhat.com on 2014/09/10)

Transport Layer Security (TLS) or, as it was known in the beginnings of the Internet, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the technology responsible for securing communications between different devices. 938 more words


The first Airbus A320neo to make its first flight on September 25, Airbus reportedly shrinks the size of one bathroom

Airbus (Toulouse) is planning to conduct the first flight for its new Airbus A320neo (new engine option) (above) on Thursday, September 25.

According to this article by Bloomberg Businessweek, Airbus is redesigning the size of the A320neo lavatories because the company believes the bathrooms take up too much space (this is while people are getting bigger!). 76 more words


weekend TLS kitchen: quinoa + couscous

Something out of the hottest items in my fridge these days: quinoa and couscous.

I don’t have an oven or even microwave home, which I insist out of health concern. 317 more words

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