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Goal Tree for personal Goal

Goal Tree is a great tool to describe everything necessary to achieve a goal, from topmost objectives called Critical Success Factors (CSFs) to the underlying Necessary Conditions (NCs). 346 more words


Reverse Heartbleed

In the previous article we have seen in depth how the Heartbleed vulnerability works. In practice we have seen the version of the bug usable in a client that attacks a server scenario ( 272 more words

Security Talks

256 Bits of Security

This is an incomplete discussion of SSL/TLS authentication and encryption.  This post only goes into RSA and does not discuss DHE, PFS, elliptical, or other mechanisms. 543 more words


Bleeding heart


Hearbleed è stato, per il grande pubblico, un fulmine a cielo sereno. Senza capire bene cosa stesse succedendo, i media sono corsi ai ripari suggerendo di cambiare passwords e sessione (fare logout-login) agli utenti. 1,303 more words


I've heard of the Heartbleed Bug, but what is it & why should I be worried?

Due to Easter being next week, I’ll post next week’s blog this week. Hope you have a very Happy Easter!

Lately in the news, you’ve probably heard of the Heartbleed bug and that you should change all passwords. 1,015 more words

Reflections on the Heartbleed vulnerability

Some of my assorted updates from other social networks regards the Heartbleed vulnerability, and other musings.

First and foremost, don’t buy the paranoia about the Heartbleed bug and changing passwords as being the extent of the problem. 208 more words

The Women's Fiction Prize -- and Baileys by Mary Beard.


This is an article written by Mary Beard’s for her ‘A Don’s Life column in the The Times Literary Supplement. Here is the link to the original… 710 more words

The Bailey's Women's Prize For Fiction (2014 - )