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Question: what next for TNA?

You’ve probably seen by now that gossip site TMZ are reporting that Spike TV will no longer be airing TNA programming on their channel.

There have, of course, been rumblings for a while suggesting that Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion, Global Force Wrestling, would be aiming for a slot on Spike. 240 more words


Spike TV Will Not Be Renewing Impact Wrestling

Spike TV has informed TNA president Dixie Carter that the network will not be renewing Impact Wrestling once the current TV deal expires in October. While this does not necessarily mean that TNA will be folding, it’s certainly hard to imagine the company continuing to operate without a TV deal. 158 more words


Impact Wrestling Cancelled By Spike TV

The death knell that’s seemingly been sounding for years is finally real for TNA Impact wrestling. As reported by TMZ, Spike TV contacted Impact TNA President Dixie Carter late last week to inform her of their decision. 48 more words


Robbie says WWE isn't on TNA's Level

Of course the IWC did what they do best, misinterpret what a TNA worker said. Robbie did not say TNA was better in terms of wrestling, popularity, quality orĀ  even financially.. 313 more words

Robbie E

Dixie Carter Held A Meeting At TNA Headqarters

Dixie Carter held a meeting this past week at TNA headquarters in Nashville according to PWInsider. There was a lot of speculation & nobody in the company knew what the meeting was for. 25 more words


Viewership Numbers For This Weeks Impact Wrestling Show

TNA Impact Wrestling continued their recent audience resurgence. Last Thursday’s episode from the Manhattan Center in New York City garnered 1.42 million viewers, according to TV By The Numbers. 28 more words