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Uber Wars Transcend Party Lines

Original post date: September 08, 2014
Article by: Ben Douglas

High-ranking Republican officials have recently come out in support of Uber, the innovative but legally-troubled ridesharing app that connects drivers and passengers. 517 more words


My longest dive - so far

Last weekend I completed my longest dive to date, 210 minutes. One of my good friends commented on the above picture, that I had posted to Facebook, asking what was I doing down there all that time. 346 more words


Uber is Not Uber-cool After All

Just after my first ride with Uber, they blocked me for no reason. I had Lyft app too on my phone, and I never bothered to correct the situation with Uber. 946 more words

If you don't like it, what makes you think they do?

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at marine mammals, Hawaiian Monk Seals being one of the cutest. But don’t forget, they need their space too and can be dangerous.   101 more words

New Cohort

Fleeks and Geeks

Let me start by saying that I am a very fashionable, hip girl with the whole world at her fingertips. Perhaps my usage of the word “hip” might indicate otherwise, but I assure you that I am a card-carrying member of the Millennial generation, and have oft been complimented for my neat and innovative sense of style. 450 more words

Geology Hike: Sally Brown/Crutcher/Wallace Nature Preserve

By: Kenneth Brooks, Volunteer Nature Preserve Steward

Earlier this month, Marty Parris from the Kentucky Geological Survey led a hike and discussion of geology at the Conservancy’s nature preserve. 676 more words


The Nomad Life: Living the Fishing Life in Rote Island

I have always dreamt of living the yo-ho-yo-ho it’s a pirate’s life for me (thanks Captain Jack Sparrow). I think, at the moment, living the fishing life for me is the closest thing I’ll ever get. 1,819 more words