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USA Today Editorial

Uber may want to be the next Amazon, but Amazon doesn’t have the potential for causing deaths the way vehicles for hire can.

In my opinion — and it’s a view shared by transportation regulators across the country — Uber, Lyft and other “ride sharing” companies are violating the laws and regulations that govern for-hire transportation everywhere they operate. 306 more words

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Flying high: Scientists work to protect a flying squirrel and its red spruce home

Today’s story comes from The Nature Conservancy Magazine. Author Madeline Bodin shares the recovery story of the West Virginia northern flying squirrel and the ongoing work to monitor the species and restore its red spruce home. 1,203 more words

Blog Entries

Uber vs Pedestrian accident

These pictures were taken moments after an Uber driver cruising for fares hit a pedestrian…. it is not known if the pedestrian survived.


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Wrona Meadows participates in TNC learning exchange conference

Amanda Wrona Meadows recently organized, facilitated, and participated in a learning exchange conference focused on The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) global marine strategies.   The Marine Aggregation is a meeting of The Nature Conservancy’s marine staff and partners that takes place about every three years. 178 more words



by Cadell Walker, Director of Philanthropy for The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky

After working at The Nature Conservancy for many years, I am familiar with the annual Sandhill crane migration which takes place a few states away in Nebraska – smack dab in the middle of the country. 444 more words

Eight Noteworthy Things I've Eaten So Far in Yunnan

After almost eight months in Nanjing, I had more or less settled into a food routine. I ate vegetable baozi for breakfast, or sometimes congee and tea-leaf eggs if I was feeling bored. 1,117 more words