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Girlfriend's Colony: Cats no longer welcome after six years!

The last week of July, 2014, I got an unbelievable phone call from a local business. I was told that the business owner had found some urine and feces in the warehouse and therefore decided he wanted all the cats off his property. 729 more words

Feral Cat

Local feral cat, Bleu, neutered on August 25, 2014

For several months, Bleu (which we pronounce “blue” like the color) has been visiting our house for morning and evening meals. As he cleans his plate on the front porch, none of the permanent feline residents dares to mess with him! 193 more words

Feral Cat

A Behr Cat Colony Adventure

My friend R has always been allergic to cats, her asthma making the allergy even worse. But her heart is big and she began feeding a little stray cat on her front porch. 859 more words

Beyond Fostering

Day 151 – Phishing

Song of the Day: The Spam Song – Monty Python

Don’t you love those emails that try to con you into opening the attachment so they can unload an army of viruses into your computer and steal all your money? 771 more words


The Orange Brothers Kittens

The Orange Brothers, kittens from our most recent TNR week, are still with me, and will be a bit longer. One got over the diarrhea pretty quickly, and the second one has had more trouble. 355 more words


College Life editor remembers joining TNR

I didn’t always want to be a journalist.

Those of you who know me know I have a passion for animals, and for a long time, I thought that passion would guide my career. 473 more words

News Record


桃吉吉是我們早前帶去 TNR 的貓