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Two side of my personality; I am in my family and people who know me, also I am in society 448 more words

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To Be Honest

It sucks being lost.
You know what you wanna do, and where you wanna be, and how you wanna be, but you don’t know how to get there. 92 more words

Week 8A (w/c 12th September) - I Am Mother Earth

More on the Mother Earth piece later, for now I’d like to put my 2 pence’s worth into this whole Scottish Independence malarkey: my hope that Scotland stays in the UK is purely based upon the fact that I think 4 nations is a good number to make up a union. 948 more words


I'm kinda sick of pregnancy time lapse videos..

I’m kinda sick of time lapse videos..(or really anything-of-the-sort)¬†of growing pregnant bellies.

Yep. It’s cute.

Disclaimer: I know that none of the pictures in this post really represent the ACTUAL topic. 212 more words