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If 20 Something's Were Honest With Their Parents Here is What We Would Say

We all have those fond moments from being kids. As twenty somethings, we really start getting nostalgic when bill after bill starts hitting the mail and college comes to an end. 864 more words

To Be Honest

I am not responsible for your assumptions, misconceptions, or preconceived ideas. You are. Forcing what you believe in your head to be right, reasonable, or true on someone else, thinking they should do things in a certain way, or not do things a certain way, is not their problem. 278 more words


The blue glow was familiar but not from the chest Bucky did take a quick look at; that was different.

“Sorry. I thought you were new.”

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To Be Honest

I’m feeling quite inspired and very happy. When I look around, at the Earth, at my family, the people I follow on social media, my friends, I find that happiness is truly created by me. 161 more words


I could blend with almost any crowd and appear very comfortable — but I never truly feel like I fit anywhere. 43 more words






This is glorious and even thought it doesn’t fit in the range of all the paranormal, I MUST share…

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To Be Honest

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And this is why I adore Tom Hiddleston. Great words of wisdom from this awesome human being. Our first life is the life we live as children growing up, living free and learning the ways of life from what our parents and other adults teach us. 52 more words