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Week 8A (w/c 12th September) - I Am Mother Earth

More on the Mother Earth piece later, for now I’d like to put my 2 pence’s worth into this whole Scottish Independence malarkey: my hope that Scotland stays in the UK is purely based upon the fact that I think 4 nations is a good number to make up a union. 948 more words


I'm kinda sick of pregnancy time lapse videos..

I’m kinda sick of time lapse videos..(or really anything-of-the-sort) of growing pregnant bellies.

Yep. It’s cute.

Disclaimer: I know that none of the pictures in this post really represent the ACTUAL topic. 212 more words

to be honest...

tbh i am not very honest

i lie to my friends, teachers, parents,

siblings in basically every interaction 


tbh i lie to myself the most… 149 more words