Mockingbird contexts and wider reading

Year 10: you might find these links interesting as you prepare for next term:

An article about Lee and her resolute disappearance for public society, together with shenangigans relating to monies lost and involving the estate of John Steinbeck, no less. 34 more words

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Peshawar Attack: All the Mockingbirds We Lost

It’s been incredibly quite in this little corner of the worldwide web. To blame would be the ever-so-maddening demands of university life, and of course, my lack of inspiration. 332 more words


Getting inside a child's head: an intriguing narrative voice in Clare Cameron's The Bear

Anna and her little brother Alex are on holiday camping on a small island with their parents, but things happen that Anna never expected and struggles to understand – and she is left to look after her brother indefinitely. 426 more words

Book Thoughts


Singing a melodic, sorrowful tune
Whilst gazing up at the shimmering moon
A mockingbird
A copying bird

Imitate what you know within sight
Nothing can go wrong if it’s supposed to be right… 251 more words


Blogmas Day 17: Top 5 Wednesday - Favourite historical books

I LOVE reading historical novels! It’s like traveling trough time without having to leave the comfort of your couch or bed (or where-ever you like to read). 621 more words


Teaching problems and the problems of teaching them - lesson #1

   ‘Do you think they’re true, all those things they say about B – Mr Arthur?’

  ‘What things?’

  I told her.

  ‘That is three-fourths coloured folks and one-fourth Stephanie Crawford,’ said Miss Maudie grimly. 1,200 more words

Teaching And Learning

Dear Lauren...

Oh hey girlfriend! ;)

How’s it all going?

It’s taken me a while to reply to you this time around I realise, for which I do apologise. 926 more words

Dear Lauren