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I need to stop over-promising. Saying I’ll be there for the birthday song when I end up eating a burrito at twelve instead. Saying I’ll call when I end up being welcomed into a new circle of people with my phone in my bag. 158 more words

To Remember

Big Kid

It’s unfair that I’m expecting you to have your life together at your age. You’re allowed to be a little all over the place, asking people for favours, missing classes, that sort of thing. 31 more words

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It was so nice

Why do I allow you to hold my clammy hands and let you tell me it doesn’t matter? Why do I volunteer to entertain you with something I’ve learnt? 286 more words

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That's interesting

Interesting people are interesting because they teach you something. About kombucha tea and chia seeds, the formation of knots from repairing muscles in their shoulders, the panopticon structure, the way cryptography works. 193 more words

To Remember

Quality Time Effect

According to Wikipedia, Quality Time means…

Time spent in giving another person one’s undivided attention in order to strengthen a relationship, especially with reference to working parents and their child or children.

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True Words

Live with no regrets and always be true to who you are!!!


A look back at flyers: Solemn mass for a full moon in summer



Balconies, multiple stories, operatic quality.

Below are youtube videos about a more recent production of the same play.