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Seize the day  

To use an opportunity to do something that you want and not to worry about the future.
Example : Seize the day, young man.

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Summer is welcome

When your shirt starts sticking to your back and sleep comes only with aircon, you know that summer is near. When the cockroaches start crawling out of garbage bags and blackberries start falling off the trees, staining the pavement; it’s coming. 59 more words

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Not again

The first time, realization struck. Hard. I mourned the loss of a (im)possible future. The one thought that clouded all others was, as you put it, “I guess we’re free to do whatever”. 90 more words

To Remember

I was wearing a white dress the night we met.
I wore a black and white striped lace shirt on our first date.
I wore a floral sweater on our second date. 497 more words

To Remember

When searching for a roomie, it’s so easy to second-guess myself. I worry about being too awkward, too weird, and too dumb for these UCLA people. 391 more words

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At first I was going to attribute my lack of feeling to how surreal it is to finally be out of high school. I feel like I’m on holiday (which… is bad as I should be working towards my final exams). 516 more words

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I got sat on

So I’m walking down the slope when an overweight, balding, forty-something-pushing-fifty year old man looks me in the eye and practically lunges at me. It feels like it’s happening in slow motion and I can’t escape because it’s… 595 more words

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