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I was wearing a white dress the night we met.
I wore a black and white striped lace shirt on our first date.
I wore a floral sweater on our second date. 497 more words

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When searching for a roomie, it’s so easy to second-guess myself. I worry about being too awkward, too weird, and too dumb for these UCLA people. 391 more words

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At first I was going to attribute my lack of feeling to how surreal it is to finally be out of high school. I feel like I’m on holiday (which… is bad as I should be working towards my final exams). 516 more words

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I got sat on

So I’m walking down the slope when an overweight, balding, forty-something-pushing-fifty year old man looks me in the eye and practically lunges at me. It feels like it’s happening in slow motion and I can’t escape because it’s… 595 more words

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Exponential growth

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. It’s like my feelings have experienced a time lapse; a lag. Being with you was like watching a glacier drop before it’s heard, and now that you’re gone the sound is deafening. 381 more words

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Awesome Daily #4: Souvenirs

Just recently, a friend of mine returned from his trip to Japan and brought back a little gift for me. It was just a small Super Mario figurine along with an attachable Bomb-omb, but it doesn’t matter how big it is or whether it has an actual purpose or not, because I was happy about it nonetheless. 135 more words

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I cannot and will not tell my parents that I’ve lost my NOKIA! Because losing a prehistoric brick makes me the most irresponsible, unqualified person to carry any electronic device. 247 more words

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