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Today I watched a little refugee girl jump rope with a black cord. It was a phone charger.

Help me not to forget the world I live in.


Friends again

“What are you doing later?”
“I don’t know, let’s go chill on your roof”.
It had been years since we were close enough to do something like that. 507 more words

To Remember

The park

We’re showing off our roley-poleys, spinning on the handle bars which old people like to use to stretch their legs. We’re gymnasts! Then we’re blowing bubbles from plastic goo to make transparent balls that reflect the rainbow. 668 more words

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The glass is half full

95.5%? Of course I was happy. Surprised, even. I thank God for I know I would not have done as well without Him. It’s hard to argue with the belief that those who work hard get the mark they deserve, that it’s an innate intelligence and a rigorous work ethic that brings forth a good grade. 351 more words

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Homework - Housework difference

het huiswerk  – homework (from school)
huiswerk te maken – to do one’s homework

het huishoudelijk werk – housework
het huishouden doen – to do the housekeeping


With rose tinted glasses

This is how it happens. You look at me with those deep-set, electric eyes for a prolonged moment. Dark hair, white shirt, it’s easy to pick you out. 843 more words

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How to live?

What should an 18 year old be doing after high school, with months to kill before more school?

I’m figuring it out, but I think it has something to do with sitting by the harbour, gazing at the buildings, the reflections on the water, the waves that curl and rise and converge; ripples over ripples over ripples. 500 more words

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