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The Pope's Top Secrets To Happiness

Pope Francis revealed his secrets to happiness in a new interview.

In a new interview, Pope Francis revealed his top ten secrets to happiness. Check ‘em out . 187 more words


stands to question

what gives when it takes

so many moments and so many minutes

and what are the feelings inside

when its all bottled

and left to be sealed… 55 more words


close to dancing

feet are moving

and how it all keeps it all straight

and where it switches

and what it makes

and the toes

and its own cushion… 45 more words


Stem Soup and Recipe-ish

Recently, I ended up with a lot of full leaf spinach (the way they’re harvested), green onions and cilantro from a grocery trip. It was my first time getting such spinach for myself, usually getting them in pre-packaged bags without long stems. 880 more words

9 Unlucky Things That Are Fun To Fantasize Happening To Your Ex

It may not have ended on the best of terms, but you certainly don’t want your ex dead or dying. You’re better than that. Plus after some good crying, breakup movies, sad song shower singing, complaining to your friends, and the passage of time, you’ve come to realize that you’re far better off without the bum. 1,751 more words

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Phillips Phunny: Sadie Doesn't Want Her Brother To Grow Up

A girl finds out her little brother won’t always be a cute baby, and she’s DEVASTATED!

Five-year-old Sadie is on YouTube finding out her baby brother won’t STAY a baby, and she is DEVASTATED. 18 more words


It's about to get really AWKWARD (26 photos)

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