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Labor Day Birthday Girl

Labor Day used to mean two things to me. My birthday and the dreaded end of summer sunshine. Now that I live just a hair north of old Mexico, the end of summer means monsoon season’s stormy heat and humidity are winding down. 328 more words

Quail Creek

September Snub-Noses

Frogs and toads that hatched from eggs laid this past spring are now two to four months old, and are growing rapidly. Like snakes, frogs and toads shed their skin as they grow — unlike snakes, they eat their skin. 214 more words


I took my 1992 copy of The Less Deceived on holiday with me this summer. My 17-year-old self really hated Larkin – I’ve written ‘Larkin sold out before he started’ above the final poem, and someone (me?) seems to have stabbed through the whole book with a pair of scissors. 319 more words


Critter Wranglers!!

Yeah, so I haven’t kept up with my blog very well because I’ve been documenting Mike’s cancer journey etc,(mythroatcancerjourney.wordpress.com) but in the last couple of days, due to my son Cam coming to visit, I did get out and catch some cool critters with him.   194 more words

Toad House

Guess they really do work.

This one is up on the deck – it’s the same toad that appears year after year (he’s shown in earlier blogs). 92 more words

Outdoor Fun

Critter Country!

Cam is here again this weekend and I’m so glad to see him.  It’s just a sweet feeling knowing that your kids actually want to be with you.   188 more words

Did you know that toads eat only moving prey?

Did you know that toads eat only moving prey?

Posted by Damian @8WDee.com

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