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Toad Rescuer


There once was a man who saved toads

He found them and drove many roads

He worked on the lawns

And he found toads in ponds… 68 more words


Once upon a time, there was a handsome frog. He sat upon the edge of a pond, waiting. But not for the kiss of a human lassie to change him into a human prince, for he was happy and proud to be a bullfrog. 489 more words


Bloody Taxonomists!

I was reminded earlier today that it was twenty-five years ago that I started my university degree; a whole quarter of a century ago!

Back then, the science of taxonomy was pretty well established and one got the impression that the times of great swathes of change were largely over; needless to say, this impression turned out to be spectacularly wrong! 174 more words


Livin' the dream

We are almost two months into the grand experiment and I must say, I’m having a lot of fun.

Every day there is some new amazement; some days have multiples of them. 453 more words

Toadster(s) Croak

Cowboy Toadster(s) croak
many serenading songs.
Outside my window,
nearest my bed they
clamor, tell jokes.
The moon glimpses, sleepily.
Female frogs they appease. 46 more words


Take the offensive

You watch in horror as the hostage is killed. Enraged, you reach for you… What? #PopQuizHotShot pic.twitter.com/fcMogCYYDY

— Jacopo della Quercia (@Jacopo_della_Q) September 23, 2014…

273 more words
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