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Beware the warts of March

The heavy rains had finally subsided, but the run off left deep pools of muddy water in rutted furrows at the edges of the battleground. As the sun reached its zenith, steam rose from the heated puddles, and tiny mounds of dirt popped up in random intervals. 231 more words

Writing Prompt

The Dating Dilemma

Recently, it feels as though the universe is conspiring to push me back into the dating scene after my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad divorce. 777 more words


Exciting new Hibernaculum Development at The Hidden Gardens

The Hidden Gardens are delighted to announce two new residential spaces for all toads and frogs.

Led by experts from Froglife, these residences were built from logs, stones, and leaves. 93 more words

The Hidden Gardens

The Lumps of Life

Inspired by “Toads” by Larkin

Why should I let frog fancy
Run my life?
Can’ I use my mind as a tether
And ignore it away? 61 more words


Tubby toad

Duttaphrynus melanostictus is called the Asian common toad, Indian toad or Black-Spined Toad.  It occurs very widely in south and south-east Asia, from Pakistan all the way to Indonesia.   352 more words

Nature Notes

#282 - Tango Meets Toad

Tango makes friends everywhere!

Well, we haven’t heard the toad’s story ….

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