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Herp Day 2

It’s that time again! All photos from Fall Line Sandhills Natural Area.


A Watchful Eye

On the lookout for somewhere to stay cool…

He’s not the only one.


Toads and Frogs

Keep an eye out for frogs and toads leaving the pond! Make sure you don’t squish one by accident. [Photo CCBYSA Paukrus]


Amboli- A toad’s paradise

While the frogs were celebrating life at Amboli during the rains, the toads were not far behind. The dominant calls in toads were of the Common Indian Toad (Bufo melanostictus) 384 more words


Things That Displease Me: A list

Nash Grier

People who vent on Facebook

People who litter

The word slut or any synonym for it


Cane Toads, especially when I’m walking down the pathway to my house at night and I accidently step on one… 34 more words