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Mushrooms and Toadstools

Along with opening up an Etsy account, I have continued in my pursuits of learning about insects, fungi and other nature related things. Probably the most interesting thing I learned lately, that is also probably the most “wow, I should have known that already” bit of knowledge, is the “difference” between a mushroom and a toadstool. 305 more words


Super Mario Toadstool Salad with Green 1-UP Dressing

Today, my hopes and dreams have been shattered — literally. As you may know, fellow geeks and gamers, today was supposed to be Legend of Zelda Stained Sugar Glass. 885 more words

Two Skillets


Toadstool, toadstool

So brown and so tall

awaiting oh so great

a fall.

When you must die

at the end of the day.

Where will your dwarf live… 27 more words


Unused space...

Have you ever looked at a space over and over again and saw it as wasted space every single time…and then all of the sudden it’s got this incredible potential? 451 more words

New on 500px : Saffron Drop Bonnets by peterg1967 by peterg1967

After spending a whole day out photographing fungi, I went to one of my favourite spots, I didn’t even make it far up the footpath when I found a patch of these Saffrondrop Bonnets, the light was superb so I gardened a little and got this. 21 more words

Toadstool Pentagram

“Toadstool Pentagram” by Sarah Anne Lawless

“A pentagram of poisonous, psychoactive mushrooms — toadstools. Such fungi have long been associated with witches, witchcraft, and fairies due to their dangerous nature. 22 more words