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Toadstools – possibly for a fairy house.


1030 shiny toadstools

shiny from the rain…it makes a nice pic :D


mouse and toadstool.

I drew a mouse and a toadstool, and that’s pretty much it. Not really sure about the toadstool, but I think the mouse is pretty cute!


Autumn´s First!

The first one I spotted this autumn! Join with your fresh autumn images the autumn competition on http://www.kujaja.com! Don´t hestitate, just do it! — … 6 more words


Fungi and pine needles

Daily sketch, Coatham Wood.  I’ve become fascinated by the way the thick carpet of pine needles is pushed up and aside by the growing toadstools making a kind of cave.

Daily Sketches

A fungus among us.

Wow, they grow them big up here in the Northwest!  These toadstools are 6-8″ across.  Google sez they are amanita muscaria and the not-for-eating-variety.  Very colorful, though.