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The Refinery Espresso

A little gem hidden on Coronation street in Hornsby.

Bright yellow chairs pop out on the street creating an open atmosphere. And as the barista gave his cheerful greetings to passer-bys, one could not simply ignore him and not stop by for a quick chat. 187 more words

My Toaster Has a Mind of Its Own.

And now, for my next trick, I’ll need an ordinary toaster oven…

We’ve got this barbecue sauce I made a week ago in the Dutch oven. 221 more words


Mr. Alpenglow is reading the Daybooks of Edward Weston, the great American photographer known for his sensual still lifes of peppers and shells. One word that comes up a lot in Weston’s journal entries is… 250 more words

On the menu

This week’s menu plan is more of the same, I am still clearing out the freezer and it seems to be taking a while. It’s light on food preparation because… 116 more words


Chocolate Gravy for Pancakes

My mother used to fix chocolate gravy to pour over pancakes. I preferred maple syrup, but some people like chocolate gravy on pancakes. Kids love it as it is kind of like eating chocolate pudding for a meal.

Spinach Pesto Tomato-Toast

Pesto is one of my other guilt pleasures, aside from vino. I’ve been experimenting to figure out exactly how balance out the garlicky-basil spread while adding just a couple more nutritional benefits. 189 more words


Lentil Tomato Soup

We tried a new recipe for spicy lentil soup tonight.  While it was cooking, the smell made me want to cry.  Not because it was especially bad, but because I knew dinner was going to be icky.