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A new life as a toastmaster

A very welcoming Toastmaster family – Pioneer Toastmaster Club in Omotesando.

Safety Managers Must Be Good Public Speakers


To improve our ability as managers we must be exposed to a variety of methods and styles to improve our public speaking skills. Through each exposure we learn a little more and can improve speaking ability. 1,038 more words

My day felt like a sprint work outs.

I have been in track and field for a numbers of years. Both in high school and college division 3 level. Today has felt like one of those work outs. 168 more words

Word Blasters receives President Distinguished Club status....

We have received the President Distinguished Club status for the year 2013/2014. The picture shows TM Safra Anver who is the Immediate Past President of WBTC received the certificate on behalf of Word Blasters…. 32 more words

I am advise Toastmaster TWB2REGT Waffler Sale

I will guide Toastmaster TWB2REGT Waffler Guide

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Where to buy Toastmaster Two 2 Slice Toaster White -T100 Sales

Where can I find Toastmaster Two 2 Slice Toaster White -T100 Sale

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Manera mi Bos, No tin Dos…

WILLEMSTAD – Resientemente  JCI UC of Curacao den kolaborashon ku Fundashon KPEK i tambe Toastmasters a lansa e proyekto “Manera mi bos, no tin dos…” 176 more words