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There's American Spirit All Over

RECENT NEWS has R. J. Reynolds in the spotlight again; and the New York Times article cites a lawyer saying, “This [$23.6 billion!] verdict is important because it goes back to an ongoing saga that goes back to 1990. 241 more words

The Other 10%

Animals don't smoke!!!!!!!!!

If you thought that tobacco companies didn’t still fund or conduct cruel experiments on animals, you were wrong. In fact, two of the world’s largest companies still do painful, archaic, and irrelevant tobacco tests on animals even though they aren’t required by law and even though superior non-animal testing methods are readily available.


I failed...I am unprofessional!


The following short quiz consists of 4 questions that can tell you whether you are qualified to be a “professional.” The questions are NOT that difficult. 


A Midsummer Night's Accessible Profit Pool


For money, natch.

In new$ from The Tobacco Industry, one company purcha$ed another. And according to Alison Cooper, Imperial Tobacco’s chief executive, “This is a great opportunity to transform our U.S. 105 more words

The Other 10%

Black Devil Cigarettes

Black Devil cigarettes have become one of my favourite brands over the past few years. They are advertised as special flavour and come in different varieties but I have only smoked the black ones which have just a hint of chocolate in their taste. 245 more words


The Stress Post

I just recently heard a piece on NPR about the history of stress and guess what? We have the tobacco industry and cruel tests on rats to thank for modern society’s obsession with stress. 1,343 more words

Day-to-day In My Little Life

Plain common sense: reduce smoking, reduce heart disease

If you go into Peter Pan Superette in Merivale, behind the bored young man serving you there’s a plain white lockable cabinet. Surrounding the cabinet, looking a little folorn, are poorly stacked papers, lighters, lighter fluid, maybe even the odd electronic cigarette. 624 more words

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