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Big Tobacco knew radioactive particles in cigarettes posed cancer risk but kept quiet

Public release date: 28-Sep-2011

Tobacco companies knew that cigarette smoke contained radioactive alpha particles for more than four decades and developed “deep and intimate” knowledge of these particles’ cancer-causing potential, but they deliberately kept their findings from the public, according to a new study by UCLA researchers. 1,250 more words

Lethal Or Unintended Side Effects

Why I Support The Uganda #Tobacco Control Bill

I know it kinda selfish in a way to support a bill that encroaches on what some are calling their right to smoke or even to kill him themselves. 708 more words


“As much as a third of all youth who experiment with smoking do so because of effective tobacco industry marketing.”
- Facts on Big Tobacco


Behind The Curtain

While publicly tobacco companies will deny their tactics to market to youth, and other specific groups, races, sexes, and more, behind the curtain they are not shy about their lack of concern for their consumer. 13 more words

Project S.C.U.M

Subculture Urban Marketing.

Why should we let the tobacco industry talk about our generation or others in this form? What happens behind closed doors, for the tobacco industry, does not always stay behind closed doors. 11 more words

Florida HB 169

A local Tobacco Control Advocate shared the following information about Florida Bill HB 169.  The original bill was written to control the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors under the age of 18, but in a last minute maneuver was amended to now establish a pre-emption of all activities on the local level in the retail tobacco environment. 330 more words


A bad day at the office for Big Tobacco

It really wasn’t a good day for the tobacco companies and their allies.

The report of Sir Cyril Chantler’s independent review into plain, standardised packaging, which was released yesterday, rejects their arguments, concludes that plain packs should be effective and leaves their campaign in tatters.

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