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Ahhhhhhh. New laptop. On with the resolution! Since I did Divergent last week, I decided to follow up with Veronica Roth’s Insurgent this week. This book is number two of three. 475 more words


Divergent: The Meaning of Moving On, and an Attempt at Fanfiction

First and foremost, this post contains spoilers about Victoria Roth’s Divergent series. Consider yourself warned. 2,555 more words



Alana met Tobias. Tobias is Alana’s best friend. Alana did not say good night to Tobias. So she felt she could not sleep. Alana never sleeps, she only rests. 111 more words

Carl Jung “Indeed I have often thought: if only I could have opened my own father's eyes!

To Erika Schlegel

Dear Erika, 31 July 1935

Your letter and the little picture of Tobias’s father’s miraculous cure! gave me great pleasure, for which I thank you with all my heart. 227 more words

Carl Jung

Four: A divergent collection

 here’s what the book looked like before i lost the dust jacket

This book is made up of seven short stories:

  3. 265 more words

Chapter 3.13 The Final Curtain

Hi guys! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays.

Do you know evertime I put that all I can think of is this. (skip to 2:40 to see the bit I am referring to. 1,805 more words


See Tris, Four and Peter in this new 'Insurgent' still!

Yes, Initiates! We got another still of Tris, Four and Peter, this time in Amity! As everyone is carrying food, we guess they are in the cafeteria (trying the Amity bread?) with Four and Peter about to get into a fight. 50 more words

Insurgent Movie