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Switched at Birth Finale: Graduation Day Surprise

Switched at Birth has the consistent ability to unsettle the audience during the first third of every episode, making it seem as if each hour is heading down a predictable and poorly planned path only to pull out of the dive in an emotionally satisfying way each week. 761 more words

Heat (28)

Jack needed someone to talk to and most of his friends lived around three hundred miles away. The only person he could think of who might listen, and not cause problems, was Toby. 1,009 more words


Tomorrow morning we go pick up Kastle and he comes home. There are a lot of things running through my mind tonight when I really should be sleeping. 417 more words

5 November 2013 - Toby's cardiology review...

Thank you for your messages/emails this morning, remembering our appointment with the cardiologist at Royal Brompton.

We have just returned from there, with good news… 936 more words


3 November 2013 - Another hernia!

This morning, much to our dismay, we found another hernia on the other side of Toby’s groin, his left side. We can’t quite believe it! 156 more words


2 November 2013 - Toby's HOME!!!!

Tobias Asher Jacob… 35 days… 37 weeks & 1 day gestation… Due date 22 November… Birthday 29 September… Birth weight 1.790kg… Current weight 2.525kg…

What a soldier! 6 more words