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Session 3 - In the Culture Industry

We covered a lot of ground today! We went to Frankfurt to discover Critical Theory and Los Angeles to understand mass media in the Culture Industry; to Shanghai and Beijing to discover local cultural and industrial variations; and we dropped back in on Birmingham to remember Cultural Studies. 430 more words



I forgot to share this snap of Toby last week. This was two Sundays ago in Adelaide. We were saying bye to Andrew and Toby’s face captures perfectly the emotions we were all feeling that morning. 264 more words


Session 2 - What is media? What is Culture?

Thanks for a really stimulating morning, with lots of discussion and some great contributions.

You can find the lecture slides here. I’ve added links to some sources around the web to aid understanding. 176 more words


Little groover.

Just a quick one after a long and busy day today. This little dude just gets more and more clever.

And did I mention cheeky. 51 more words



Toby and I went up to Bright with my best friend over the weekend to get away from a busy life at the moment. Bright is 4 hours from Melbourne and is just beautiful. 152 more words


Creativity Running Free!

This picture was taken at Temple underground station this morning. It made me wonder how we think about creativity these days.

It is an advert for a computer tablet.  266 more words


Finding Joy in Little Things

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve photographed anything or written a post.   As some of you know, my mother recently passed away, so I have been busy helping my dad take care of things and making sure he doesn’t feel too lonely. 146 more words

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