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REVIEW: March Taste Trunk

This is our last month as subscribers to Taste Trunk. I want to stress right up front that it’s not about the quality of the goods. 762 more words


REVIEW: March BarkBox

I cannot believe it’s true, but thanks to BarkBox, we actually have a nice stockpile of dog treats. This is the first time in seven years that I’ve had a backlog of things to choose from, which means that I haven’t gotten around to any of the goodies in the March BarkBox. 633 more words


Thomas series

Toby pulls Henrietta.


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And then Toby had an accident.


JavaScript required to play 20140415-062823.mov. 598 more words

Bad Movie Tuesday: Paranormal Activity: The Cut and Paste Antics of The Marked Ones

Same story different setting. The Marked Ones tells the story of several friends who have to battle that dang Paranormal Activity coven. The jerky witches are at it again and their never ending quest of standing around looking menacing has become boring. 612 more words

Bad Movie Tuesday

Are Women Choosing Dogs Over Babies?

There is a report out in the US that women are choosing to be dog mamas instead of baby mamas. I kind of believe this. I mean, as much as I’m looking forward to having my own kids one day, Toby posses all the wonderful qualities that I want in my child minus the crying, tantrums, sleepless nights, years of changing nappies, constant supervision and the rat bag teenage years. 374 more words


Siempre tú

Hoy en día creo que no te di el suficiente amor, creo que me enfadé demasiadas veces contigo sin motivo, gruñía al pasearte y ver que no andabas y me rompe el corazón pensar en todas esas veces, pocas o muchas, que te he gritado, castigado y estirado. 642 more words