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Sanctions Against Russia Raise Issues

Russia, Ukraine and the EU walk into a bar. Ukraine fancies Russia, but sees a future with the EU. When Crimea passes by, Russia remembers they were once together and decides to aggravate Ukraine by leaving with Crimea. 782 more words

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France Receives 18 Billion Euros in Chinese Contracts

Following the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to France during the week of Monday, March 24, France and China agreed upon a large number of economic contracts meant to stabilize the commercial balance between the two countries. 351 more words

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Interior Minister Manuel Valls Replaces Ayrault as Prime Minister

PARIS – It was the election night that the Parti Socialiste feared, and hoped would not become a reality — but the resignation of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and his French government make the damage done on Sunday night quite clear. 331 more words


A Week in France / March 30, 2014: Affairs

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EU gives €11 billion in aid to Ukraine. On March 5, the European Commission promised Kiev €11 billion in aid, taking what many consider a long overdue measure to provide help to the eastern European nation. 1,494 more words

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French Smoking Image Tops Anti-Tobacco Incentives

By Corinne Ruff

Most days between classes Lea Giacomelli, like many young, French students, finds herself outside university doors rolling thin, brown cigarettes for a smoky conversation with friends.  608 more words


Live Blog: 2014 Municipal Elections

Today, French voters take to the polls for the first round of municipal elections. Follow along as we liveblog the results!

For additional information, be sure to check out our previous coverage: 955 more words

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Front National Candidates Show Strength in Numbers for Municipal Elections

PARIS – Nearly 600 candidates from the far-right and long-disregarded Front National (FN) party are slated to grace the municipal elections stage during these last two weekends of March—the largest turnout ever facilitated by the radical group. 448 more words

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