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SVU #16, The Other Woman: Jessica Wakefield's 568th Poor Relationship Choice

Summary: Jessica and her new honey, Professor Louis Miles, have no willpower, so they make out in his car, despite his protests that he shouldn’t be dating a student. 1,663 more words


SVU #15, Behind Closed Doors: Jessica Hooking Up With a Professor Was Completely Inevitable

Summary: Jessica is placed in a medieval history course, and she’s not happy about it. She tries to get her schedule changed, but the registrar is immune to her charms and won’t help her out. 1,234 more words


Double Love

Centers Around: The Wakefield Twins. Steven Wakefield gets his own mini-subplot, but we don’t hear from him much. Enid Rollins kind of has her own subplot, a new relationship with Ronnie Edwards that is going to be the subject of the next book. 715 more words