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Is Fox News Hypocritical?

Fox News Radio pundit Todd Starnes said on his commentary that he is offended by President Obama’s plan to tax the top 1 percent of earners to help make tuition-free community college available to students who maintain over a 2.5 GPA, because real Americans “work their way through school” and think it is “shameful to ask for a handout.” 62 more words

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Todd's Weekend Update

It’s Monday!! In case you’re not up to date on all that’s happened over the weekend, I have three things you need to know. Weather, sports, and celebrity juice: it’s all here!! 53 more words


5/30 Days of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Day Five: How often do you switch? How often do you lose time? Talk a little about what dissociation is like for you.

we have a fronting log up that needs updating (because it’s a llittle hard to get people to use it), but we usually switch 1-4 times a day depending on what’s going on with us and our partner system.

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Dissociative Identity Disorder


I was at work looking out of a window at a truck parked across the street. It was an RML truck and it had been stolen. 435 more words



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Loser Line - 1/19/15

Every Monday morning at 7:25 it’s the Loser Line!! Here’s how it works: if you meet a creep and don’t want to give out your number, give him mine!! 69 more words



My first day at work wasn’t far away now and I wanted to make sure that I was as prepared as I could be. I still took an early morning swim every day and felt that I was physically ready to start my career, but I knew that I could be better at improvising when talking to people. 2,801 more words

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