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iAds stopped working on iOS8

I had iAds working properly on iOS7 and updated my phone only to find that my iAds no longer display in my app. I use a singleton class for my iAd banner. 21 more words

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iAd banner not displaying properly

My project only supports landscape orientation, because the entire time you’re using my app you’re in landscape orientation. My iAds are showing in the wrong size: The add is of “portrait” size, so it leaves part of the screen unused. 56 more words

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Offical Co-Workers and the Cold Week

I hope I haven’t overloaded you guys with “Todd-ness” these last few posts! What can I say? I’m glad he’s back in time for the Holidays (if you recall, he was gone October through December last year.) 450 more words

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Next step to diagnosing SKScene deallocation issue?

I have been trying to figure out why one of my SKScenes wont deallocate for quite a while now. I have plugged all leaks according to Instruments, and have used… 65 more words

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Winter: The Problem is the Solution

There’s a popular saying in permaculture (coined by Bill Mollison) that says, “The problem is the solution.” Another way of saying it is, “Within the problem lies the solution,” or, “Turn the problem into a solution.” This isn’t a kind of zen koan–a paradoxical statement for mediation–but a real insight into the way we often waste time, energy and money dealing with problems, whether designing a garden or building a house. 682 more words


Our Anniversary Weekend <3

Friday, November 14th was Todd and I’s 4 year wedding anniversary. You don’t know how happy it made me that he was back home in time! 683 more words


Bathroom Renovations

When Matt and I moved into this house our first priority was the bathroom. It was atrocious, not just ugly but also so disgusting. The pink carpet had gotten so filthy it always felt kinda damp. 317 more words