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Ten Thought Tuesday

  1. I’m 20 weeks along today.  Can you believe it?
  2. We haven’t caught anything in the potty yet.  My son waits until his diaper is on before relieving himself. 
  3. 349 more words

The Babies 'R Us 3-In-1 Potty Chair: First Impressions

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid endorsement of a product.  It is just my honest opinion on a product that I recently bought*

So, I finally took the plunge and bought a potty for my son.  566 more words


A Little Trinkle

I’m thinking of investing in a potty.

I wasn’t planning on it.  I always figured I’d wait until my son had the words for “pee” and “poop” so that he could ask to go to the potty.  402 more words


Splish Splash!

The little guy has discovered a love of spring.  Yesterday his daycare was closed so we hung out together.  He was thrilled to be able to walk around and explore without being stuck in a big snowsuit and mountains of snow he couldn’t climb. 180 more words


My Enemy

I peeked at the digital clock on the dresser and cringed. The red numbers were screaming at me.

“You won’t sleep today. 11:07 pm. Muwahahahaha!” The clock was even talking to me. 179 more words


Sleeping Arrangements

Ever since we brought Charles home roughly 16 months ago, we’ve had to make several changes to our/his sleeping arrangements.  I thought I’d break down what changed when for future reference (y’know, so I don’t wonder how we managed when Peanut comes along ;) ). 1,017 more words


Word of the Week - Naughty

Last week was a testing time with our nursery when TT seemed to be having a bit of a rough time with one of his closest friends. 192 more words