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Raisin in the Bun

I love breakfast. Love it. Cereal, pancakes, donuts, deliciously fatty foods in bright colors usually doused in syrup. Please and thank you.

My child on the other hand, hates food in general, breakfast in specific. 107 more words


Toddler storytime- 5 Senses at Verona Public Library

This program was created by my coworker at Verona Public Library. She was unable to perform the program one day, and I was happy to fill in for her. 368 more words


Food and Toddlers!

When they start eating what you’re eating, you start thinking a little bit more about just what it is you have been eating. If you’re like me, you get a little bit ashamed of yourself. 746 more words


Not Your Average Mommy Whining...

Being a mother isn’t so easy. My boyfriend and I met online, we aren’t married and we don’t really have it all together. It’s not too uncommon today, of course. 463 more words


Josie & Sophie | Southeast MI Photographer

The first time I went to photograph these girls they were NOT having it. We tried again a few days later and it went great. Josie was an adorable little ham. 58 more words


I Need a Nap!

Being pregnant is exhausting. If I don’t take a nap I can hardly function. I have never experienced the “burst of energy during the second trimester.” I am just tired the entire time. 129 more words