300 Picture Books Challenge #14

Just three books to add to the list this week, taking our current total to 155 different books read since the start of the year. 202 more words

Baby Bookworm

300 Picture Books Challenge #13

So this week we reached the halfway point of the 300 Picture Book Challenge – hooray! Our current tally now stands at 152 different books read since the start of the year.  241 more words

Baby Bookworm

tot reading

Dragons Love Tacos  || Olivia || Goodnight Goodnight Construction Sight  || Little Blue Truck 

I’ve spent time filling you on my book club when really the biggest ‘reader’ in our house is M. 121 more words


On The Bookshelf

Mama’s Reading: The Trumpet of The Swan by E.B. White
I’m a big fan of Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web (who isn’t?), but don’t recall ever reading this one. 79 more words

300 Picture Books Challenge #12

So close! We just missed reaching the halfway point of the 300 Picture Books Challenge this week – by one book! But we’ll be off to a flying start next week, as Little Miss received a nice haul of new books for her birthday on Friday!  304 more words

Baby Bookworm

Reading Books

Wes, you love your books! You always want to read, which I love!! You are even getting good at telling me the stories now! Some of your favorites are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Makes a Rainbow, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar . 36 more words

Toddler Quiet Book

We are planning on going on a very long plane ride and needed a good quiet activity for my little toddler to play with. I decided to make a felt quiet book for my little Princess. 56 more words