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Toddlers had a little lamb!

We have been talking about farm animals a lot this week, and this morning was no different. Before we went outside to play the toddlers kept wanting to read a book about farm animals, they especially loved the sheep page. 92 more words

Toddler Room

Look an A

Every now and then the toddlers are able to surprise us! We put out crayons and paper today at the creative table and let the toddlers colour anything they wanted to. 45 more words

Toddler Room

Blocks are so much fun!

Playing with blocks can be so fun, and we can learn a lot from them!

When we build towers we are practicing our fine motor skills along with balancing. 53 more words

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We got to play outside today

We were so excited to finally get out and play in the snow!

Toddler Room

We know our ABCs

The toddlers have been working very hard on learning their ABCs! We have been playing with our letter rocks and are getting really good at labelling the letters. 51 more words

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Mini Picasso's

We set up the painting easel and allowed the children to get creative!

Painting at the easel teaches the children many different skills; including fine motor ( being able to hold the paintbrush) hand and eye coordination ( being able to actually get the paint on the paper) and patience ( having to wait their turn). 15 more words

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Wishing we were somewhere hot playing in the sand instead of being stuck inside because of the cold!

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