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Good grape-nuts.

As soon as the “business” that I started took off, I pretty much ignored Nuggins and Grocolate.


I knew my old friend was still here, this blog. 356 more words


Why do we travel with Kids????

I am going to Vegas in a month.

With a 4 year old.

And a 1 year old.

The flight will be just over 4 hours, and I know I will be on the verge of dying the whole way. 633 more words


Today, I was in the bathroom and I made sure the door was locked because if I don’t lock the door, I know that my daughters will come bursting in. 255 more words


Bunny Hop Hopscotch!

Bunny Hop Hopscotch!

This was one of the absolute most fun activities that we have done recently! O had the best time! It only took me about ten minutes to lay the painters tape out on the floor and to cut out the little bunnies. 153 more words


Easter Matching Activity

Easter themed color matching!

I bought these little plastic bunnies at the dollar store and they have been awesome! I’ve had them in our sensory bin but I decided to let O dig them all out of the bin and play a little game. 139 more words