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Your Baby Is a Racist—and Why You Can Live With That

You always suspected babies were no good, didn’t you? They’re loud, narcissistic, spoiled, volatile and not exactly possessed of good table manners. Now it turns out that they’re racists too. 767 more words

Sex Tape Trumps Baby

I pride myself on not watching a whole lot of television and definitely not reality television. To me, it’s always an indication that I have too much time on my hands or I am totally avoiding something I know I need to be doing. 480 more words

Mommy Moments

Goals and Updates

As I look back, I am not posting as often as I had hoped. It is all part of my slow transition to staying at home I think. 1,208 more words


Poetry: 'Toddlers Are'

Toddlers Are

Barely enough empathy to understand the patience, waiting patiently for independence, making links, gestation.

All the old discoveries discover self importance, nothing short of self assured the cord is fraught, taught and important. 186 more words


Is spring break over yet?

Well I’m not saying this but i’m pretty sure that the Mr. is. Sunshine is out of town for the week, so he has pickles and Andy all by himself for a whole week. 363 more words