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Part 3: Power Laws, Complexity and... Theory of Everything

Discovery of the ultimate theory of everything (ToE) has been a goal for philosophers (and then physicists) since Democritus who tried to unify all phenomena by making use of his theory of atomism. 532 more words

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box toe taps

Start with one toe on the box, aiming to jump and swap feet, alternating for the full 20 seconds.

Keep your weight on the ground as this exercise is about raising your heart rate and getting those feet moving nice and fast!


I may have broken a toe on the stairs. Or not. But 2-3 weeks later I’m still limping. Nut job. No doctors or X-Rays. Grit. Pure Grit.


Throwback Thursday

..to when Hermy couldn’t understand why we put food on a tall table in the garden!

I’m going to try and use the tag Throwback Thursday as an excuse to show you past photos of Hermy and myself that were taken before Running With Hermy existed. 89 more words


No More Nails

Today is a day I have been absolutely dreading – I had my big toenail taken off for the second time. Last year, I had both of my big toenails taken off and the nail bed on my left toe burnt away so the nail wouldn’t grow again. 293 more words


Uranium Takes Centre Stage As Major Commodities Weaken

As major commodities seem to be dropping like stones all around us, theĀ seldom-reportedĀ uranium is surging ahead on a flurry of buying activity.

The uranium spot price has lifted $US5 in the last week to $US41.75 per pound, the highest weekly gain since 2010. 119 more words