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Hiyayakko is fresh tofu that’s served chilled with a bit of ponzu and some toppings. It’s the simplest way to prepare tofu and definitely one of the best! 161 more words


Unseasonal Goya Champloo (Sautéed Bitter Melon)

Recipe inspired by: Lucky byproduct of my complete negligence

Nothing says summer like goya, “bitter melon” which is one of typical ingredients used in cuisines from Okinawa, the most Southern and hottest island in Japan. 782 more words

Vegetables And Fruits

Cafe VIda

Here is yet another Cafe Vida post. I do need to try more of their food, it’s just that the bowl is so hearty and tasty I always wind up ordering it. 24 more words


Quick Essential Module #2 -- How to Prepare Tofu for Asian Stir-Fry Dishes

Ah yes, tofu.  As a vegan it’s one of my favorite sources of protein.  When done right tofu is quite magnificent, and that magnificence all comes down to… 575 more words


Mushroom Ma Po Tofu

Recipe slightly modified from: http://www.eatingwell.com

Sometimes I wonder just how many vegetarian conversions mushrooms have been responsible for. People may decide to omit meat from their diet for ethical or health reasons  – But I know a friend who one day completely stopped eating meat, and what convinced him (yes, it was a guy, too) that he could live without meat for the rest of his life was mushroom cannelloni he ate that day. 472 more words


Pork Larb - the national dish of Lao

Larb originates from Lao but is also eaten in North Eastern Thailand where many of the Thai people are of Laotian decent. It is, put simply, a meat mince salad (pork, chicken, turkey or duck) that is placed in a lettuce ‘cup’ and then eaten in a couple of delicious bites. 682 more words


Simply Salad

I am a creature of habit. I’ve been forcing myself to try new things. I decided to try The Professional at Simply Salad. Of course, it needed a few alterations. 41 more words