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In college, like everyone else, I went through a bit of a Hot Pockets obsession.  It was my freshman year, around Thanksgiving, and I was living in the dorms when I first tried those little pouches of meat and cheese.   222 more words

Vegan Jambalaya...Pizza!

My friends and family are really good to me. I am thankful for them everyday. I mention this because without their generosity I would never have arrived at the happily ever after that is a slice of sweet and spicy vegan jambalaya pizza. 692 more words


Day 19..... it's kind of frighting....

all the artificial stuff that is in our food. But it is getting easier to find more and more natural and non-gmo foods. Lets hope this trend continues. 162 more words

Going Au Naturale

Field Roast Breakfast Sausage

Let me begin by saying just how much Jake loves Field Roast.  It’s definitely hearty, “meaty”, and manly!  I, however, don’t love the brand. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but I’m just not a fan of the fake meat products.   205 more words


The Sandwich

I feel the vegan sandwich gets passed over. When you go to sandwich shops you have a significant amount of lesser choices. Is it so much to ask for a vegan mayo and a slice of cheese? 28 more words


Creamy BBQ Smoked Tempeh Wrap

Super Simple Creamy BBQ Smoked Tempeh Wrap

Whole Wheat Tortillas
Hummus (I think I used original and roasted red pepper here)
Annie’s Original Recipe BBQ Sauce  103 more words


Hiking in the rain with a bum foot, continued

Well, let me tell you, even in the rain, the hike at Ano Nuevo State Park is Ah-Mazing.

Yes, the rain comes in sideways and gets your face all wet. 256 more words