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Have you ever given any thought about how many hours that you have spent grocery shopping in your lifetime? How about all of the thoughts and energy that are focused on one of the main events of your life? 429 more words



Friendship to me is the truer kind of love, lacking any kind of interest or material responsibility, purely meant for Companionship, Togetherness. Brotherhood, in other words said, and in my world, Real Friendship exists. 906 more words


Laughing Doll

Mona has a a laughing doll who can switch on to laughing on press of a button.  One day she returns home and presses the button and finds the doll whaling loudly.. 137 more words

Make me your mirror

When you are down, and the world seems unfair;
when you see yourself only to not find what you are seeking.

Look into my eyes, and see as I see you. 56 more words


Too happy to blog??

I just realised that I haven’t been here for a few days and I am amazed at the reason why. I am too happy to blog! 1,027 more words


Picture Us

God gave us a frame

We filled it in

A picture of us

Painted day by day

Dawn until dusk

The life we construct

Embracing togetherness… 26 more words