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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I’m not dedicating this to you.

I know it’s a man.

That would be gay.

But it’s nice though,

….what he’s singing about….


Spiritual Spiral


Acquiring spiritual realm is an iterative process. You acquire some knowledge, practice wisdom, experience togetherness, and move a little bit into oblivion. That is one spiritual cycle. 340 more words


Accepting our differences / Dave Nieves

Thank you Dave Nieves..Indeed..May we embrace our togetherness from within our differences.. <3



Her hands are not for grabs

She is the cook, the cook for all mouths

Those hands cannot be broken like the legs of crabs… 94 more words

...of community, belonging---YES!

“Seven BC Jobs That Redefine What Hard Work Really Is”…”Wildfires dying down in BC thanks to cool weather & rainfall”…”Loneliness: a silent plague that is hurting young people the most”… 650 more words

How well do you know your partner Quiz?


A fun activity which will get you and your partner talking, smiling and laughing.

  • Get together with your partner.
  • Print two copies of this questionnaire.
  • 242 more words

Wisdom: it means Togetherness (Love)

Wisdom brings to you a deep understanding of your own self with respect to other people. This understanding includes a deep appreciation of your relationship with other people. 705 more words