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Beyond the Wall (Haiku)

beyond the wall /
the sparrow scolds me endlessly – /
alone //

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, where “Walls” from “Sand and Foam” is our inspiration: 141 more words

Filling the world with love

“Our aim is to fill the world with ten million LoveBubbles in the App’s first year. With that much LoveBubble energy floating around, we know our world will be a loving, harmonious and abundant place.” Stephen Greaves, LoveBubble creator


To Be Continued

taking a deep breath

we then took a step forward

crossing that imaginary line in the sand

we knew it was only a matter of time… 212 more words

LoveBubble is here <3

Connect with love.

Welcome to the world of LoveBubbles, a magical world where LoveBubbles inspire, care and fill the world with love, happiness and warmth. 96 more words

Lifes Tools


My path was scratchy, known for wounding.

And I reached the other end with no sign of harm.

Your feet beneath mine took all the bruises. 102 more words

Human Emotions

Why I Left Facebook Behind

Show me your original face, before your parents were born.

- Zen koan

For several years, I have been railing against the rise of social media, arguing that the technology intended to make us more available to one another actually serves to make us less so. 648 more words

On Walkabout

Everything Except A Newborn Baby

Monday, August 18th. Endurance Challenge 2068 Tour of Munster Day 2.

It’s all about people, isn’t it? The people working at Breakthrough Cancer Research are there to help people. 1,199 more words