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About a relationship

The wonders of a blissful relationship
So strong that it does not realise it’s strength
It listens when no words are being spoken
Silence is only a conversation with minds and eyes looking into the depth of one another’s soul. 39 more words

The Storm's Intervention

When the rain came in the night
we sought refuge.
We were on our hands and our knees
blindly discovering
fumbling over rocks and branches… 151 more words


Happy birthday my love, my bestie...

My dear self obssessed b*tch, aka Sahil!

Your birthday is coming up and I do not know what can I give you that will last forever. 1,101 more words


My Love update

Right-o sitting at home.  Seem to be getting more and more wound up and pissed off as the day goes on so thought I would write to offload some negative energy here, instead of venting in the wrong direction… 711 more words


The Assistance of Friends

Something to think about this friday morning….must read

Why are so many mothers raising children alone? I understand they made bad choices in who they may have had children with, but did they make those same bad choices in friends? 194 more words



In a matter of a few decades, humans have managed to link billions

of people across the globe in a way that has never been seen before in human history. 292 more words