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Introductions.... My take on being a typical indian

As much as I hate to admit it.. I am a typical indian.  Having been born and bought up in this country you would think that I would very much be a typical Brit living in the 21st century. 169 more words

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From Toilet Roll 2 Crown

We had a wonderful time crafting this week. As I said last week we are working on some crafts for Kings Day (Koningsdag, I am still getting used to this as it used to be Queens Day in the Netherlands as well). 294 more words


Bug-Bares in the office toilets

The office toilets in my office are lovely when they’re clean and being a woman I always leave them as I found them, in the clean state that is. 250 more words

Quiz: Toilet Roll or Tampon?

I work at a 300,000-square-foot learning center. This is what I found today when I went to the ladies room. If you guessed super tampon, you were wrong. 35 more words


The Toilet Roll

The Toilet Roll

In so many ways we mirror the life of the humble toilet roll.

So full and plentiful when new,

But time will take its toll. 110 more words

My Poetry

Dogs and Catch

R really likes to play catch, even ’till this day.  In fact, he rues over the fact that I find catch extremely boring.  Last night, as he grabbed a new roll of toilet paper on his way to the bathroom, he tossed it over to me and I immediately chucked it back to him.  176 more words

The hierarchy of delegation...

We have a hierarchy of delegation in our house and it’s interesting, as well as mildly frustrating, to see it at work.

The established sibling hierarchy is in direct correlation to birth order, which I assume, is ‘normal’ for most families.   858 more words