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Star Paws

I was recently browsing through twitter when I came across the hashtag #starpaws, only to find out that there is a man out there who has the job of scouting adorable puppies to be in the Andrex toilet paper commercials. 61 more words



the world dimension has an unimaginable scale. Everyone has a different focal focus with unique reactions. I was given a list of assignments for my university application and one of the options were to create a new object with two other objects. 357 more words


Hay Filled Bunny Chew Toys

So I know this isn’t strictly craft, nor is it using up any of my stash, however it is recycling old toilet rolls whilst providing a delicious and entertaining treat for my little bunny friend, Penny. 128 more words

Frugal Friday: DIY Dog Toys

Hey all, welcome back to Frugal Friday! Now, I’m going to admit upfront and outright that I am a tight-arse. If there’s possibly a way for me to spend less on something or, even better, not buy it at all, I will investigate that avenue till I’m blue in the face. 613 more words


American #4

We are 15 days into our USA break now and we are still having lots of fun but there are just a few things starting to irritate us about this great country. 487 more words