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Louis Slungpue Is A Toilet Expert

It’s one of those Wednesdays…we have an overabundance of They Walk Among Us stories!!!

Didn’t your parents tell you not to play on the train tracks? 200 more words


This is Japan. We love you!

Walking down the street past a bunch of teenage girls all giggling, poking and gurgling at a fluffy toy dog. This is Japan.

Sitting in a restaurant unsuccessfully eating fried rice with chopsticks when an old lady near by comes over to point to the spoon on the table, gesturing me to use that instead. 333 more words

Potty Training 101

“Get started at 2, and you’ll be done by 3.  Get started at 3, and you’ll be done by 3.”

I’m failing to appropriately credit this quote (sorry, sorry) but the fact remains most experts agree to the soundness of the above advice when it comes to getting your little angels out of nappies and on to the Big Kid Loo. 702 more words


Guests using toilet at posh hotel can be seen from street after epic window design blunder


It might be a loo with a view, but a newly opened hotel in Berlin is giving passers-by a bit of an eyeful.

For some unknown reason, the architect who designed the restaurant area in the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin thought the toilets should be placed next to the floor-to-ceiling windows, despite the building being only ten storeys tall.

57 more words

Toto, I don't think we're in the bathroom anymore

Almost immediately after we moved into the ‘Zoo, we realized that the toilets (original to the house and Toto brand, hence the title of this post) weren’t in the best shape (peeling, chipping, and permanent stains from household cleaners that took the finish off the seats at some point ), and while the round, short, squatty-pottyness was ideal for my petite size, Chris was finding the toilet rather awkward for his tall, lanky frame. 1,438 more words