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Bum stingers and gunslingers in Bhutan

Bottom barers beware there are plants out there who are out to get you ..big time in Bhutan!

In this case we are Talking about Girardiana diversifolia – the Bhutanese equivalent of our common stinging nettle only this one is giant sized with a lethal  sting which both Paul and I encountered on a bush loo stop on the switchback road from Samdrup Jongkar to Trashiyangtse. 154 more words


The Chunky Bits. The Second Wipe.

There is something poetically hysterical in how a toilet and its metaphoric analogies suit the hardships of life. Thusly from this factor alone i’ve chosen the naming of this introduction. 648 more words

Captain Pessimism

Los Baños Part II - Set to Stun

In a previous installment I described the toilet system here.  I predicted that los baños and I would engage in a grieve battle during my sojourn on the South American continent, while I struggled to avoid incontinence.  300 more words


Womens Toilet

A Guy in hurry used ladies toilet in a posh hotel.He sat down and noticed 4 buttons*WW,WA,PP,and APR.Curious,he pressed WW and his button was gently sprayed with WARM WaTER ,he loved it so much! 81 more words


A wind up?

We receive lots of enquires every week. Some turn into jobs while others are looking for information. We treat all contacts with customers the same. We listen to what they have to say and direct them accordingly. 321 more words

Plastic Repair

We Are Rimfree® , Are You?

The revolutionary Keramag Rimfree® WC has no rim. With no rim it means there’s quite simply nowhere for germs to hide. It’s ultra hygienic and easy to clean – and with no rim shadow, the bowl looks cleaner and shinier. 194 more words