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House Party, All-Night Karaoke, Erika in Tokyo, Jon Leaves

Finally done with classes! We graduated from SILS and have the certificates to prove it.

Erika’s in Tokyo! It’s only for a few days, and she actually left today, but it was nice to see her. 598 more words


Adventures in Tokyo: I climbed the Tokyo Tower. [PICSPAM]

It would be a shame for me to go all the way to Tokyo and not climb this pinnacle of tourist attractions. (I’m already in trouble for not going to Electric Town, let’s not add anything else to the list.) 236 more words


Bon Odori at Zojoji

Obon season is definitely upon us and I was lucky enough to make it to my second bon odori this year, this time at Zojoji Temple. 286 more words

Tokyo, Day 5: Tokyo Tower, Narita

My flight home today to New York wasn’t until afternoon,  so I decided to squeeze in some more sightseeing before check-out.

My feet voted against the idea, so I took a taxi to the… 184 more words


Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower, standing at 333 meters, is one of the icons of Tokyo.

When I first saw it I thought it looked like the Eiffel Tower, just orange. 208 more words


eunhyukee44:  and us who is taking a picture of that (c)

Engaged? To be married?

Now I want to watch “Pride and Prejudice.”

Left out one detail from the Japan trip. I was waiting to announce it while I told my close friends and family first. 89 more words