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Love and Tolerance: A Resurrection Post

I grew up in Europe of the late 1930s. Fascism was in power, Communists were evil, Laurel and Hardy were funny, Errol Flynn was an action star, the Generalísimo was in charge, school uniforms were the order of the day, and Jesus was safely affixed to his cross where he could do others no serious harm. 1,169 more words

faith & easter

How would you define faith? Now, how would you define Easter?

For me, both words are connected to my relationship with the Lord. Yet I recognize that people can have faith in many things, even in people and still not define the word “faith” from a spiritual standpoint like I would. 1,004 more words

How chemicals act in the brain

A brief explanation of how drugs may reach the brain and how they act in this organ has been included in this post. . The information has been obtained from the book “Illegal drugs” P. Gahlinger, Chapter six, Plume 2004.

General Principles

Happy Spring, Happy Rebirth, Happy Easter For All of Its Worth

First of all, the title of this post is just me being cheeky. I am respectfully tolerant of all belief systems that do not actively harm others. 378 more words


THIS IS COPY FROM A POST IN THE HUFFINGTON POST by Johanu Botha that struck a cord with me. I have been trying to say many of these things, just not as eloquent as Johanu does it. 1,030 more words

Dark Places

The neonazi party Svenskarnas parti (Party of the Swedes) are quite new in Sweden but are candidates for national elections this fall. Most Swedes had not heard of them until some of their members… 905 more words



Ugh, I went through that phase, too, you know that one–super duper fluffy and hateful, not to mention ignorant, in terms of not fact checking or bothering with performing legit research.   580 more words