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Language of Love

“Listen with ears of tolerance!

See through the eyes of compassion!

Speak with the language of love”

― Rumi

This is a great reminder for our times, I feel.

Happy Thanksgiving!    <3 Tiny


Open-minded idiocy...

There’s tolerance,  there’s compassion,  and then there is a complete failure of  the little gray cells to fire.   Reality will apparently have to deliver a royal rough-up to this Georgetown student  before it seeps through his over-indoctrinated skull sufficiently to force him to think.   56 more words

How Ferguson ultimately confirmed my college decision

When I heard the decision of the jury in regards to officer Darren Wilson, I can honestly say I don’t think I was ever as affected by any news story ever. 824 more words

Equality - A Means or an End?

Having been subject to the DUP’s verbal thuggery only yesterday, it seems that the temptation to retaliate could not be resisted by their counterparts in Sinn Fein. 1,051 more words

Red & Yellow, Black & White

My friends who are of different ethnicities, races, religions, etc. than me know how much I love them! So before anybody goes hating on me for this post, please remember that, & read the whole thing. 623 more words

Living Life Online

Thy Neighbor

…”You shall love thy neighbor as yourself…” – Jesus

Christians believe the man named Jesus was the Son of God. The Bible’s New Testament is a collection of stories and sayings attributed to his life and teachings.

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