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The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey (2012)

The first part of the story of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins.

We had to wait a long time from first announcement to actual delivery of the movie, due in part to finance problems at MGM Studios which also led to initial director Guillermo del Toro dropping out and Peter Jackson stepping up to direct again. 644 more words



(continued from previous post)

Manwë eyed me. “Corn flakes? Aren’t we aiming a little low for lordly fare?”

I shrugged. “Hey, you’re the one who put my assistant in a coma.” 752 more words

Learning Tengwar

Hello long suffering readers, these past couple of weeks I have been slowly teaching myself tengwar. Tengwar is the alphabet Tolkien created for his invented elvish languages of Quenya and Sindarin. 834 more words


More Nightmare Decks Have Arrived For Lord of the Rings LCG

As if your quest to save Middle Earth wasn’t already hard enough, why not delve into the depths of Mordor’s heart and make it a few levels worse? 205 more words


Who was the Lord of the Ring? And Where in Middle-earth was Mordor?

Say what you like about Tolkien, the man didn’t write clunky dialog. It might be heady or a bit much in places, but clunky it was not. 762 more words

From whimsy to saga

J R R Tolkien The Hobbit George Allen & Unwin (3rd edition 1972)

Wizard at the door?
Twelve dwarves too? You’ll be telling
me a dragon’s next!

623 more words

The End of All Things

I’ve thought about this moment for so long – the moment when I sat down to put my final thoughts in writing. Though this will be a long post, I don’t think it can do justice to the 900-some that I’ve already put down. 1,995 more words