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The Silmarillion Recap: Quenta Silmarillion (Part XI)

Fëanor’s lust for revenge has driven him into Middle-earth, where Morgoth/Melkor has returned to his old fortresses. It’s time to get even in “Of the Revenge of the Sith.” Wait. 716 more words


The Spring From Which Inspiration Flows

One of the most fascinating questions you could ever ask a creator is “What inspired you to make this?” The answers you will potentially receive are limitless and open a revealing doorway into the mind of the artist. 915 more words

Tolkien – The Seven Deadly Sins II : Lust

Lust – The Second Sin of Tolkien

          In stark contrast to GRR Martin’s epic saga (no pun intended) Tolkien’s conception of fantasy is considered completely devoid of sexual desire or content – or at least the primitive, base urges of Tolkien’s manuscripts are glossed over, as if the very word were the worst of all taboos. 770 more words

J.R.R Tolkien

Hey guys, just making a quick post.  I’m still abroad right now. currently in the Czech Republic right now.  At the airport waiting to board a flight to Amsterdam.


Soviet Era ‘The Hobbit’ Vintage Illustrations

The folks over at Retronaut dug up these delightful illustrations for a Soviet-Era version of ‘The Hobbit’ of J.R.R. Tolkien fame. The simple, high-contrast illustrations give the book a child-like feel, but, let’s be honest, that Gollum is pretty creepy….

Primordial Traditions

"Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" Three New Pics!

Two new photos of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit #3 “The Battle of the Five Armies” have been released by Warner Bros. Pictures, with the San Diego Comic-Con about to get underway. 98 more words


Quick and quirky guide

Paul Wake, Steve Andrews and Ariel, editors
Waterstone’s Guide to
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Series editor Nick Rennison
Waterstone’s Booksellers 1998

Although getting a bit outdated now (the Waterstones apostrophe, dropped to howls from purists early in 2012, is still there in its full glory) this is a ready reference giving a flavour of the range of authors and works in the three genres. 429 more words