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The Dragon, Handcrafting your heroes 2

Author: Maria Isabel Garcia-Perez, July 2014.

Author: Maria Isabel Garcia-Perez, July 2014.

Author: Maria Isabel Garcia-Perez, July 2014.

My Smaug. He is not perfect, its small scales are irregular and its design was not carried out thoroughly, but for all those reasons is because I love him the most. 10 more words

Why I blog?

I’ve been asked several times in my life why I write and why I blog? To give back to a community that has given so much to me while also answering that question, I decided to ask several of my favorite bloggers (sorry Josh, it’s never going to leave my vocabulary) the same question and collect their thoughts as guest posts. 867 more words

Abby Jones

[Writing Day] 20. Pure Inspiration

As a Tolkien fan, what more do you need? This is sufficient writing inspiration to last me a few good days.

Proof of the magic of great writers. 42 more words


My Dream Game

We all have it don’t we?  A dream game?  Imagine this scenario: you are put in charge of developing a brand new game, it can be anything you choose, developed by any studio, and money is no object.   418 more words

The Battle of the Five Armies: Trailer Update!!!!

So Excited to see this the first thing in the morning!! Its like I am waiting for december but at the same time I am dreading it because I know there will not be anything else beyond this for Peter Jackson and Middle Earth (Unless the Tolkien Estate gives PJ the right to make Silmarillion). 92 more words

Benedict Cumberbatch