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Muchas gracias!

A sincere thank you to Sylva Fae for her wonderful review of Henchmen.  Read her review here and enjoy the rest of her blog… 70 more words


New Orleanians react to the Sue Dat t-shirt and the Benson family drama that inspired it.

The legal skirmish among  the Bensons about Tom Benson’s revised succession plan has New Orleanians talking and one local business creating a “Sue Dat” t-shirt. Dirty Coast has created a limited run t-shirt which was born from a joke about the ongoing legal battle between Tom and Gayle Benson and the rest of the Benson family. 65 more words


When Trust Disputes Get Ugly

In estate and trust litigation, it’s all too easy for parties to descend into acrimony, and oftentimes the legal process will only serve to strengthen mutually hostile attitudes held by those involved. 406 more words

Elder Abuse

Review - A Taste of Honey by Tom Benson

Let’s just cut right to the chase and call this what it is: a revenge story fueled by adrenaline and nitrous oxide.  This is a shot of whisky and a punch in the gut.   170 more words


Excerpt from Chapter 2: The Unlikely Sanctification of Tom Benson

The recent upheaval in the Benson family has turned public attention back to the octogenarian owner’s origins and family businesses. In Chapter 2 of New Orleans Boom & Blackout… 3,715 more words

Louisiana's UnClaimed Funds; 150 Million Dollars of Fraud; Tom Benson Bonus

Louisiana’s UnClaimed Funds; 150 Million Dollars of Fraud; Tom Benson Bonus

Louisiana’s Thieving Treasurer Wants You To Have Your UnClaimed Money http://www.treasury.state.la.us/Lists/SiteArticlesByCat/DispForm_Single.aspx?List=c023d63e%2Dac65%2D439d%2Daf97%2Dda71d8688dff&ID=862

NOTE: ONLY ID and Social Security Card Needed, No Inane Notary requirement like required to get your refund. 864 more words

Government Tyranny

There’s Some Crazy Sh*t Going Down With The Family Of The Owner Of The New Orleans Saints & Pelicans

While America is busy being obsessed with DeflateGate, there’s some serious rich people palace intrigue going down in New Orleans. We’re talking Dynasty/ 544 more words