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Scream for Help (1984)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 6 out of 10

4-Word Review: Her Stepfather plots murder.

Christie (Rachael Kelly) is a teen convinced that her new stepfather (Paul Fox) is out to kill her mother (Marie Masters). 501 more words


In Response to a Tom Holland Painting

My humanities class is always a little bit interesting, especially when my teacher’s artist husband comes in to talk about his work. Mr. Tom Holland is a wonderful artist, impressionism and realism jam-packed onto one canvas, with prominent brushstrokes and colors that rival the spectrum. 318 more words

Rants From A Frustrated Pixie

If there is such a thing as fate

Last night I watched this great movie called “the Impossible”. It sort of blew me away, to be honest. The story is based on the horrible experience a Spanish family had during their holiday in Thailand in 2004, when a tsunami hit the shore where their holiday resort rested. 234 more words


Fright Night e o processo da fé

O filme que colocou Tom Holland no universo dos realizadores de horror de relevância, é um dos mais notórios do gênero em um dos períodos mais férteis do cinema americano. 348 more words


Sam Harris, Karen Armstrong & Concentration Camps

When questioned about Sam Harris’ views on Islam, as expressed on Bill Maher’s Real Time show, Karen Armstrong expressed despair. Despair that these views (Harris said that “Islam was the mother lode of bad ideas”) were the sorts of views that “led to the concentration camps of Europe”. 1,167 more words

Social Commentary

A 'Historian' who don't Know History : Tom Holland & His Bogus Claims

Tom Holland, A british novel writer and a Self proclaimed ‘Historian’ have written and published number of books on different title mainly focusing on Ancient World’s Big Empires like Greeks, Romans, Persians and Islamic Empire. 737 more words

Fright Night (1985) – A Parody of Dracula

“Welcome to Fright Night, for real.”

Instead of Jonathan Harker procuring a new home for the blood sucking and lip smacking Count Dracula, his highness Jerry Dandridge ( 662 more words