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Atomp Reviews: Luftrausers [Vlambeer]

Tom Hooper aka Atomp

Vlambeer don’t seem to get much luck in the development space, they are constantly the victim of mobile app store cloning as unscrupulous businesses attempt to capitalise on on their good game design. 863 more words


I Dreamed Two Dreams: an analysis of two performances of Fantine's aria from Les Misérables

Forgive my presumption but in this post I’m attempting a side-by-side analysis of two different versions of Fantine’s aria, ‘I Dreamed a Dream’, from Les Misérables… 1,743 more words


Atomp Reviews: Game Dev Tycoon [Greenheart Games]

Tom Hooper aka Atomp

When it was first released Game Dev Tycoon saw mention in various gaming news sources for one reason in particular; piracy. The developers had decided that the game would inevitably end up on torrenting services so they uploaded and seeded their own torrent, however there was a slight difference between the pirate and genuine versions. 1,033 more words



Les Miserables.

I’ll confess that I never fully appreciated Cosette until after I read Victor Hugo’s masterpiece. She’s a character that’s often slated purely because she’s the one who ‘gets the boy’. 108 more words


By The Book: The Damned United

Welcome to By The Book, where we compare the book with its visual adaptation. Are they faithful and delightful partners in storytelling or are the authors turning in their graves through these unholy versions of their work? 1,026 more words