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EW's Brave New Warriors at Comic-Con: Stars share the complications of playing leading men

You have to be a pretty brave guy to battle a headless horsemen or a bike gang or Nazi Germany and the crazy crowds at Comic-Con. 877 more words

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Wilmington, North Carolina goes to Comic-Con

The buzz has begun and the party has started. It’s time for San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (SDCC). We have three productions representing Wilmington, North Carolina (or as we like to call it, “Wilmywood”): TV shows  689 more words

Hello, Professor

While we don’t condone any inappropriate behavior, I think we can all admit that there is something sexy about the professorial look. You can psychoanalyze that all you want, but we think it’s the clothes. 345 more words

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Word Nerd: Ichabod Crane Style

I love the TV series “Sleepy Hollow.” Admittedly, I started on this a year late but I made up by having a marathon of the show, finishing the first season over one weekend. 295 more words

Sleepy Hollow

People Tell Me I Have I Weird Taste In Men

I like to think of myself as one of those girls who has a specific type of guy she likes–whether he’s the jock, or the rocker, or the pretty boy–I always wanted to be known for having a type, mostly so that when my taken-friends meet someone who fits the bill, they immediately think of me and plan a blind date (what are married friends for?). 265 more words