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Forget Google Analytics, FullStory lets you 'replay' any visitor's interaction with your website

Web developers can find it challenging to fix bugs that users report if they can’t recreate the problem themselves. But FullStory, a company started by a group of ex-Google employees, is building a product that can help with that. 514 more words


The Monster Squad (1987)

Hybrid horror films are a noted niche for many filmmakers. A number of directors have blurred boundaries by mixing genres together. Martin Campbell, Peter Jackson, Terry Gilliam, Don Coscarelli, and Charles Barton are examples of such directors. 602 more words


The Tom Noonan.

X-Files Paper Hearts – 1st Interview

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X Files Paper Hearts – 2nd Interview… 493 more words


Maryland tourism industry officials expect continued growth

Baltimore, the state’s top tourist destination, has seen business travel and tourism pick up in recent years.

By Jenny Hottle, Daily Record Business Writer
June 25, 2014…

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The House of the Devil

Jocelin Donahue is a college co-ed desperately in need of cash for a downpayment on her new apartment. So when she’s offered a high-paying babysitting job from creepy Tom Noonan and his equally creepy wife, the choice is obvious: order a pizza, break some shit in the house and start opening doors you shouldn’t be opening. 63 more words

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gigi Barnett spoke with Vince Vaise and Tom Noonan, Amanda Davis and Tom Amatucci and Laurie Amatucci.

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