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Playlist for July 14, 2014

Here is another eclectic episode of Exit Music For Films, a bit longer than usual as well.

Alexandre Desplat – The Painted Veil OST (2006) 264 more words


Music I find inexplicably conducive to writing (#3)

I’d forgotten quite how terrifyingly weird and wonderful this album is:


Five Things, Wednesday 30th July

At the Multiplex
Watching Joe, with a great performance from Nic Cage that reminds you of the fact that he’s Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew and therefore should know a good script when he sees one. 449 more words

Weekly Roundup

A bottle in front of me...

It can be interesting what one pulls from the vaults. Staff came across a take from Fernwood 2 Night, a short-running parody talk show which featured some big names. 42 more words


Beck (Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ, July 28, 2014)

[ATTENDED: July 28, 2014] Beck

As I mentioned, I was pretty psyched to get tickets for Beck.  Although for some reason he’s not an artist I ever considered seeing before.  1,639 more words

Set In New Jersey!

30 Days (6) – Sweet Ass Solos

I don’t want to talk about shredding; a lot of dudes can shred. Instead, just like “Day One,” let’s get minimal. It takes so much more personality and intent not play all the notes or to show off technical ability. 121 more words

30 Days Of Music

13 songs about Alice

These are all songs about Alice. Or rather, these are all songs that could be about Alice. Whether or not the Alices they refer to are her or others of the same name is sometimes hard to tell. 371 more words