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FCC Chairman Threatens to Intervene to Resolve Dodgers TV Dispute

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, in a strongly worded letter to Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus, said that the agency “will intervene as appropriate” to resolve the dispute that has kept the Dodgers unavailable to some 70% of viewers in the Los Angeles region. 527 more words


Now You Can Tell The FCC What You Think About Bans On Municipal Broadband

Last week, a pair of city-operated utility companies petitioned the FCC, daring Commission Chair Tom Wheeler to make good on his promises to overturn ridiculous, industry-backed state laws that ban or severely limit municipal broadband. 272 more words

Photographer Captures Magical Moments

In the Spring term of 2013, I was accepted into the JAM Workshop, curated by Professor Tom Wheeler at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications. 141 more words

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FCC Chair Now Has Two Chances To Overturn Bans On Municipal Broadband

Thanks to deep-pocketed telecom lobbyists, 20 states in the U.S. have laws that either ban or heavily restrict local governments from creating or investing in public broadband networks, and more states are trying to jump on that ban-wagon. 611 more words

Battle for the Net

According to this scorecard, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has not picked a team in the Net Neutrality fight. This form letter* seems like an attempt to appear like Tom Wheeler is leaning toward the side of goodness and light: 155 more words

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The FCC tells Comcast and Verizon to stop screwing customers. But will they listen?

The Federal Communications Commission has issued a statement reminding Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon that they can’t lie about the speed of a consumer’s service. 542 more words


The FCC loses a half-million online comments on their crap net neutrality proposal

The FCC somehow publicly lost public comments on a petition they were mandated to create. It might not matter, anyway. Telecoms are outlobbying net neutrality advocates 3:1.

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