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FCC to propose new rules for so-called 'Net Neutrality'; would allow broadband providers to charge companies for speed

“Regulators are proposing new rules on Internet traffic that would allow broadband providers to charge companies a premium for access to their fastest lanes,” Gautham Nagesh reports for The Wall Street Journal. 855 more words


FCC Makes Mockery Of Net Neutrality With Proposal To Allow Internet "Fast Lanes"

Recently installed FCC Chair Tom Wheeler apparently has no interest in actual net neutrality, as the new rules he’s proposing this week allow for Internet service providers to create so-called “fast lanes” for content companies willing to pay extra to more reliably deliver their data to the end-user.

The Internet Fast Lane- Zack Johnson

There’s been a major change of course in the series of American “net neutrality” rulings. As chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Tom Wheeler… 142 more words

Aaron Swartz

Net-Neutrality Advocates Angered by FCC's Planned New Rules

The Federal Communications Commission plans to propose new rules that would allow Internet service providers to charge content companies for preferential treatment over the “last mile” to users, … 1,008 more words

FCC to Propose Net Neutrality Rules That Allow for Special Delivery of Content

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler plans to circulate proposed new rules of the road for the Internet on Thursday, including provisions that will allow content companies to negotiate with broadband providers for faster speeds and improved transmissions to consumers. 731 more words


Look out, internet: the FCC's latest "net neutrality" plan is hardly neutral

All websites are equal, but some websites are more equal than others.

That, in a nutshell, is the Federal Communications Commission’s latest response to a… 608 more words


FCC Chair Almost Ready To Share His New Take On Net Neutrality

UPDATE: Some details of Wheeler’s proposal have leaked, and… well, it’s not good for supporters of net neutrality.

Earlier this year, a federal appeals court eviscerated the FCC’s Open Internet (aka net neutrality) rule following a legal challenge by Verizon, effectively allowing ISPs to give priority access to their own content (or content from sites and services that pay for the privilege) while also blocking or throttling access to competing services and content. 584 more words