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The FCC loses a half-million online comments on their crap net neutrality proposal

The FCC somehow publicly lost public comments on a petition they were mandated to create. It might not matter, anyway. Telecoms are outlobbying net neutrality advocates 3:1.

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Netflix to FCC: reclassify Comcast and Verizon so they can't choke the internet

Netflix(s nflx) came out swinging in its submission to the FCC over proposed internet “fast lanes,” arguing Wednesday that this would be a bad idea and that the agency should instead focus on forcing broadband providers to deliver the speeds they promise to their customers. 560 more words


The FCC invites the wrath of Internet commenters by extending its online discussion on net neutrality

Tom Wheeler must be a glutton for punishment. The Federal Communications Commission has extended the deadline for comments on its proposed net neutrality rules after its site was bombarded with people trying to speak their piece before time ran out at the end of the night. 400 more words


Overwhelmed FCC Extends Deadline For Commenting On Net Neutrality

Today was supposed to be the deadline for filing comments with the FCC about its pending net neutrality proposal. But the Commission has just announced that, due to a surge in responses that is once again overwhelming its commenting system, the deadline has been extended to Friday.

AGs For Illinois, New York Ask FCC To Strengthen Net Neutrality

Thousands upon thousands of consumers have already voiced their opinion to the FCC about its not-really-neutral net neutrality (aka “cable company f*ckery”) proposal that would allow deep-pocketed content companies to muscle out smaller competitors by paying for so-called “fast lane” access to end users. 850 more words

Senator Schumer calls for big stick of "Title II" as net neutrality debate heats up

New York Senator Chuck Schumer has upped the stakes in the debate over how the FCC should regulate broadband internet providers, by calling on Friday for them to be reclassified as so-called “common carriers.” 237 more words


FCC Moves to Expand Closed Captioning Rules to Web Clips

The FCC adopted new rules on Friday to expand the types of online video that broadcasters, cable and satellite channels must caption for the deaf and hearing impaired. 357 more words