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The Reading Cure

/Beth Wareham

Broken brain. You know it. Trauma. Stress. Upheaval. Downheaval. Poor diet. No sleep. Powerlessness. Suffering.

After a certain age, you hit periods of great difficulty in your life: elderly parents, teenage children, health issues, the endless feeling you are an ATM. 604 more words


A Quotation From 'That Party At Lenny's'

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‘. . and now, in the season of Radical Chic, the Black Panthers. That huge Panther there, the one Felicia is smiling her tango smile at, is Robert Bay, who just 41 hours ago was arrested in an altercation with the police, supposedly over a .38-caliber revolver that someone had, in a parked car in Queens at Northern Boulevard and 104th Street or some such unbelievable place, and taken to jail on a most unusual charge called “criminal facilitation.” And now he is out on bail and walking into Leonard and Felicia Bernstein’s 13-room penthouse duplex on Park Avenue.

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Current Events

Washington, DC

Road Works: Washington, DC

Dan Brown’s 2009 The Lost Symbol is a shoe-in for a novel that clearly features important landmarks of the Washington, DC, where reader-travelers can venture for first-hand experiences. 915 more words

Travel Literature

Spotlight on Tom Wolfe: an indictment of our times.

“Is it a novel or is it journalism? Wolfe’s prose is so rich and his sense of narrative pacing so perfect that the reader will gulp down chunks of this novel like a tired swimmer gasping for air.” 766 more words


Hooking Up by Tom Wolfe

Hooking Up by Tom Wolfe is a group of abstract essays and one novella – all reflecting how the United States has changed in the past 50 years regarding education, the media, business, theology and relationships. 11 more words

Book Review

Truman Capote and the old failings of New Journalism

Freshly uncovered police reports of the In Cold Blood murder case show the ‘non-fiction novelist’ was rather too imaginative with the facts.

In his introduction to a 1973 anthology of literary reportage, The New Journalism, Tom Wolfe lampoons the appalled reaction of the old guard to the blend of literary technique and newspaper reportage which made his name as a feature writer: 133 more words

Featured Books

Tom Wolfe: La hoguera de las vanidades

Tom Wolfe estudió literatura y periodismo, tal vez por eso es el padre del Nuevo Periodismo, esa mezcla de ambas disciplinas que tan bien se aprecia en la inmensa… 470 more words