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In praise of 'thin' Libertarianism

Sheldon Richman, the vice president of The Future of Freedom Foundation, wrote a recent column titled “In Praise of ‘Thick Libertarianism.” In it, Richman makes a similar argument for broadening the definition of libertarianism that several other notable libertarians have, including Jeffrey Tucker. 1,666 more words


Full Frontal Disclosure

Tom Woods* and the Karaoke Kid** manage to get through an entire interview on climate change with out mentioning once that KK’s day job is for the partially Koch funded… 80 more words

Surprise! Judge Andrew Napolitano is an anarchist

From his February 18, 2014 appearance on the Tom Woods Show, Judge Andrew Napolitano said (at 16:04):

Even when Lew Rockwell and you, and I, are dining together, I am the most libertarian person in the room. 86 more words

Shawn Ritenour on the Tom Woods Show

I’m happy to say that I got to listen to two of my favorite intellectuals (and friends) in my podcast feed yesterday.

Shawn Ritenour, the author of  146 more words