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Libertopia Series #3

Special thanks to the now famous Tom Woods: Interview with a Zombie, for which this cartoon was inspired! Have any thoughts on this particular subject? 12 more words


Nonintervention, Nullification, and Neocons: Tom Woods on Lions of Liberty

TomWoodsTV, Jan 2014

Tom Woods covers lots of libertarian ground as a guest on the Lions of Liberty podcast.

Time: 46:58


Ep. 314 Jury Nullification: The Juror's Unknown Right

TomWoodsTV, Jan 2015

James Babb joins Tom to discuss jury nullification and some important juror education projects in major cities. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show: … 10 more words


Tom Woods on Lions of Liberty Podcast!

I’m very jealous that my friend Marc Clair over at Lions of Liberty recently had Tom Woods on his podcast.  I am a big Tom Woods fan and this is a great interview.   8 more words

Political Badger

Tom Woods Show: The Origins of State Education: Myth and Reality

Alot of people may wonder why school is mandated and where it originated from. Here is a good break down of the history of the modern day public schools.

Guest Post