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Port Authority Airports Set New Passenger Record

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has broken its airport passenger record for the second straight year.

The agency announced Wednesday that preliminary data shows an estimated 117.1 million passengers used… 308 more words


Be encouraged: every effort is building for the kingdom

In my evangelical-charismatic days a phrase that I would use (and hear used) regularly was that we were involved in ‘building the kingdom’. I don’t think any of us believed that we were the only ones doing it (or at least I hope not) but there did seem to be an element of arrogance and hubris about the phrase. 296 more words


Wright, Paul: In Fresh Perspective (2005)

N. T. Wright, Paul: In Fresh Perspective (2005)

Ch. 1, “Paul’s World, Paul’s Legacy”: Paul lived in four adjoining worlds of thought: he was a Second-Temple Jew, he partook of the Hellenistic philosophical tradition, he was a Roman citizen, and he belonged to the nascent Christian… 722 more words

Heaven is not my home

Evangelical Christians have their knickers in a twist about the reality of life after death and the true Christian hope. Not knowing quite where this started, but there is now in everyday Christian conversation and in Sunday Schools around the country and beyond, the assumption that when we die we go to heaven. 757 more words


I'm going to sit at the feet of NT Wright...Will you?

IntroToNTWrightOnline from Dave Seemuth on Vimeo.

Scott Lenke led me to the Vimeo of 2015! It is an invitation to learn from Tom Wight. According to the site, NT Wright Online is developing courses from Professor Wright and will become averrable over 2015, 2016 through to 2017: 193 more words

N.T. Wright

Exposing Epicureanism

Everything in this world gives off a message about belief. Everything created by humans is infused with their beliefs about the big questions of life – why we’re here, how we came about, where we’ll go when we die, whether there’s a God. 661 more words


The Ninth Day of Christmas

Last year at Easter Matt and I learnt that a season of celebration is always going to be interrupted by sorrow and trauma. The season of Advent might be over, but the principles of Advent are still true: Christmas has come but we are still waiting for Jesus to come back!  169 more words