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Is Tomato Paste Paleo?

If you’re a whiz in the kitchen, there’s a good chance you’ve reached for your little can of tomato paste a time or two. Now that you’re trying to remove processed, packaged, and canned foods from your diet, where does your favorite umami-laden ingredient fall into place? 377 more words


Tomato Paste and Bananas

OMG that sounds like an awful combination!!  What on earth can you do with tomato paste and banana?  Good question.  If you have a recipe that uses them together, please be sure to forward it to me.  272 more words


Kitchen Tip Tuesday ~ Browning Tomato Paste

The most important tip I ever received about homemade tomato sauce is to brown the paste. To release its full potential, make sure the paste comes in contact with the bottom of the pan you are cooking the sauce in. 109 more words

The Mountain Kitchen Tip Tuesday


Usually I will carefully follow a recipe, using the exact ingredients and measurements. But with this Mediterranean Pasta Salad, I didn’t want to make enough to feed 12 people, so I adjusted the amount of each ingredient, but not the ingredients themselves, and not consistently – it depended on the amount I happened to have in my refrigerator and what I happened to think the proportions should be – and my kids loved it!! 149 more words


Slow Cooked Pot Roast

This recipe will serve 8 to 10 people, depending on how much your guests like their meat! The recipe calls for fresh thyme and parsley. I’ve noted the equivalent in the ingredient list for dried thyme, but for the parsley, it is slightly different. 476 more words


Making Homemade Tomato Paste (Preserving Tomatoes, Part 3)

Rounding out my tomato preserving posts, I decided to talk about tomato paste. Those little tiny cans (or tubes) of condensed tomato goodness that you buy at the store. 187 more words



We always hear nutritionists and dermatologists talking about the anti-aging benefits of tomatoes. So what exactly makes tomatoes (and specifically red fruits) so good for us — a carotene called LYCOPENE.  210 more words