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Homemade Tomato Paste

This is one of those recipes that you make at home to truly understand where your food has come from.  I had no idea how tomato paste was made or just how many tomatoes were in every tablespoon of paste – I use to use the store-bought paste without a second thought. 525 more words


Pasta with Beef Ragu

A simple-to-prepare mince dish from “Quick and Easy”. This is a great recipe to prepare ahead of time, letting the flavours develop overnight. Then all you need to do is reheat it and cook the pasta. 190 more words


Summer Ratatouille

I always think of a ratatouille as a long stewed vegetable dish. When the summer vegetables are at their peak, or even just starting to wane -that flavour is fresh and delicious. 102 more words


Sicilian Style Curly Fettuccini

I found this recipe on a Jamie Oliver Youtube channel – he cooked it on camera and I was salivating just watching him eat it.  It is so very simple but so tasty – it’s actually surprising how delicious it is considering there are few ingredients… 233 more words


Canning Apple Sauce and Holy Moly Tomato Paste

Last year we got yellow delicious apples and made our apple sauce from just that varietal. Once we finished all our apple sauce last year, I met a gentleman at Findlay Market who started grafting apples as a hobby. 652 more words


Tomato puree


  • Tomato – 2 nos
  • Water – 3 cups
  • Salt

Boiling tomatoes

Grinding tomates

Tomato puree


  • Boil the water in a sauce pan.
  • Wash and put the tomatoes.
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Food Saving Tip: Leftover Tomato Paste

If you are like me and have one two a few little tins of tomato paste tucked in the back of your fridge, probably growing a little fuzz, but placed there with the best intention to be finished – this tip is for you! 151 more words