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Potluck Recipe: Mini Meatballs in Fresh Tomato Sauce

While this recipe is easy, it’s not fast. It takes time for the sauce to thicken and the flavors to blend. But a meaty tomato sauce is, like George Clooney, better with age. 81 more words


Good god it's Apollo

So apparently if we leave food outside in the sun for long enough, let it die and welter away it becomes somewhat of a delicacy… 94 more words

The growing...

Well, that seems like the fastest season ever—my grandkids came and went like a storm…a good one that drops rain just where it’s needed and leaves a rainbow on its way out…  The first evening they were here, back on July 8, I helped them plant a couple rows of zinnias.   344 more words


Two Tomato Dish with Red Peppers (serves 4)

Two Tomato Dish with Red Peppers (serves 4)

Roasting the cherry tomatoes is the only real cooking needed. The other ingredients – roasted red peppers in garlic and oil and sun-dried tomatoes – come from jars. 122 more words


Twenty-two tremendous tomatoes

I picked all of these yesterday! Not many left today, they are too delicious to resist. Such a pure flavour, not like the watery supermarket tomatoes. Plus, they just keep coming!

Kitchen Garden

Grilled Stuffed Eggplant

In addition to an overwhelming amount of cucumber and zucchini, I’ve been getting a lot of eggplant in my CSA.  As much as I love eggplant parm, it’s far too time-consuming for my effort. 408 more words


In The Garden

We’re far enough into the growing season now for me to discover some surprises in the garden beds due to free-wheeling labeling practices on my farmer’s market purchased plants. 255 more words