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Grand Thieves & Tomb Raiders book review

Round about the same time I watched Micro Men, I picked up a book called Grand Thieves and Tomb Raiders, which proved to be a compelling account of the story of British computer gaming from bedrooms to boardrooms. 433 more words


Review: Tomb Raider #7

After a somewhat disappointing first story arc, Dark Horse Comics’ Tomb Raider comic series kicked off a brand new story arc in August 2014 with… 1,110 more words

Tomb Raider

An interview with Tess Kielhamer

A woman of many talents – a martial artist, a dancer and choreographer, an actress and a model. Black Canary, Lara Croft or Knuckles from… 1,934 more words


Wywiad z Tess Kielhamer

Kobieta wielu talentów – adeptka sztuk walki, tancerka i choreograf, aktorka i modelka. Black Canary, Lara Croft czy Knuckles z serii filmów “Slug Street Scrappers” – wszystkie te role w niezależnych, ale odnoszących wielkie sukcesy produkcjach przyniosły jej dużą popularność i szacunek fanów z całego świata. 2,078 more words

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Diversity's for the Next Guy

So there existed female Vikings. I hate to break the news, because you’ve lived your life for however long without knowing that. If you’re reading this site, it’s been at least seven years. 1,235 more words


Why are you standing on my cake piggy??? :O

I’ve been mining like crazy these past days! All this talk about minecraft in the last stream made me want to play it! xD So me and a friend have been playing non stop basicly since! 145 more words


But I don't want to wear the short shorts!

In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, it’s something I have been doing since childhood. My family didn’t get a computer until I was about 9, so up until then I used to play on consoles and computers at my friends’ houses. 619 more words