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In the Spotlight: Eldin M

So, tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Eldin and I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in the heart of the Europe. 1,033 more words

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

If you still haven’t watched yesterdays Live stream then just click the link below and enjoy:

Tomb Raider: DE – Click Here

Live Stream

Game Design: Color Design and Palette Choice

What makes a room easier to navigate, items easy to discover, paths easily discerned? Intricately crafted scenes, artistic renditions of the imagination to a tangibly-cognizant interact-able space are all important, but how is the player going to be interacting with the scene created? 824 more words


Twitch Live Stream - TR: DE #1

I will be playing Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition at 20:00 so tune in and enjoy my crazy moments.

Don’t waste time in case you miss it, go to my channel now at the top of the page and follow so you get notified when I start to broadcast!

Live Stream

ta prohm

My favourite temple out of all of the ones we saw at Angkor was Ta Prohm (and we saw a lot). Many of the temples at Angkor looked like Ta Prohm when it was rediscovered, and massive restoration was done to the temples to get them back to as close as possible to how they were originally, and to make it safe for people to visit them. 241 more words


Reflections Before Beginning a New Game


As I sit here waiting for my new game, I find myself feeling the way I always, I mean always, feel before I get a new game.

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Sony is stabbing an arrow in my eye

I haven’t played my Playstation 4 much since finishing the excellent Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.  So I was excited to blow off the dust and purchase… 459 more words