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Becoming a Girl ... Again

Not a girly girl in my childhood years, later on “dressing” became the tool to attract male attention … but it wasn’t until I met someone special that I felt inspired to dress in soft, feminine, flowing clothes instead of the tailored attire I had worn mostly till then. 421 more words


Do it like a dude

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Like all girls I love nothing more than to get all dolled up, however my day-to-day style could be considered as somewhat tomboy. 19 more words


Review: Tomboy

Tomboy is a memoir of…well, a tomboy.

It’s a memoir that follows the author, going through her childhood and teenage years while being not quite a boy, but not quite a girl either. 475 more words


Wk 5 - Activity - Counterfactual

This week I decided to be, I guess you could say, a tomboy.  I am already a tomboy but I decided to kick it up a notch.   82 more words

4 days post-op

Wow, can’t believe I finally got my surgery! Four days post op, and I’ll try to summarize the high points here. (Warning: I’m long-winded and this might be much longer than one might typically expect from a “summary”!) 2,297 more words

My Inner Tomboy.

I am the definition of a girly-girl to say the least. I like wearing pretty dresses, very feminine, I wear perfume/body spray almost everyday, and other stereotypical girly-girl qualities. 220 more words