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Liz Prince, 2014

This was a fun and surprising find that made its way into my hands via my wife’s reading list. Tomboy is a graphic novel/graphic autobiography portraying the writer/artist’s struggles with identity during her youth and teenage years. 562 more words


5 Fall essentials for the tomboy

This article was previously published in The Silhouette

For the tomboy girl who prefers menswear with a feminine touch, it can be difficult to find the top trends for fall. 349 more words

My Siblings

I got a chance to chat with my brother this morning. Thank God for technology. It got me thinking about my siblings. All of us are far apart. 1,158 more words

Tomboy- Ashton Lane

Ashton Lane is one of my favourite places in Glasgow- so peaceful and pretty you don’t feel like your in the heart of the West End- and Mexican food is also one of my favourites so you wouldn’t believe my excitement when I found out about Tomboy. 247 more words


I'm female...

Disclaimer: I’m not speaking for anyone else who is questioning, nonconforming, trans, genderqueer. I am going through my own shit, and this is it. It’s a little disjointed, but here goes. 798 more words


Rant: If only I had a sister

The worst thing about being a tomboy is that you never fully get to be a girly girl. Sometimes this really makes me depressed. The idea of me being a weird kind of person among all these girly girls makes me want to run away. 676 more words


Sporty Chic | Thrift Style Thursday

Hello, friends!  Hey, did ya know I’m sporty chic??  I just have to admit that following fashion trends lately has been totally amusing to me because, well, we can now apparently wear sweatpants in public and call it “sporty,” or, you know, just wear beat up jeans and a t-shirt and call it normcore…  What?   366 more words