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Fashion Sewing

Blog leads to blog, and someone’s blog led me to Pretty Grievances — lucky for me!

The tagline for my blog is: ‘sewing/style/fashion’, but it’s rare I blog about fashion. 245 more words


Self Affirmation and Why Style is Important

My favorite part of any day is the part where I stand in front of my closet as a blank slate and get to decide who I want to be for the next 12 hours. 456 more words

Audrey Hepburn

Feeling a bit SQIFFy

Something needs to change. After two bottles of free beer at SQIFF’s launch on Friday night, I was distinctly tipsy. Too tipsy to trust myself to say anything intelligible to the organisers, or perhaps I was just buzzing with pseudo-academic queer theory jargon that threatened to overflow in an unseemly manner if I opened my mouth. 456 more words


"OK2BGay" Tomboy Song Review

I first heard this song in a Harry Potter slash video.  Some of my favorite most nostalgic songs are from videos like this one.  The video this song goes with is probably the best HP slash video I’ve ever seen.   286 more words


Girlie Girl vs Tomboy

Were you aware there are two different types of girls? I guess you could say three types if you count “hybrids.” Hybrids are those rare types that have enough traits of both, they can’t really be placed under one category. 628 more words



Being a tomboy is tough sometimes. Some people don’t understand our sense of style, or why we can’t just dress like ‘regular girls’. It’s hard to find support from society who say that ‘guys won’t like you if you dress like that’. 134 more words