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Below the floor

I WENT TO church yesterday. Basilica, actually, but I went to basilica doesn’t sound right, bounces off the ear funny.

Driving down the cobblestone street, I passed the basilica and got a hair up my backside, so I parked and went up the long stone walkway to the huge old door. 440 more words


Thing to do: Catedral del Mar

There are many special places in Barcelona, but one of the best is for sure the Catedral del Mar (sea cathedral). This is one of the best gothic buildings of Europe, and one of those marvelous venues in which just contemplating and feeling time lapsed !! 178 more words


4th Century B.C. Lycian Rock Tombs

These ancient burial places were carved into the side of the mountain by a little known ancient group named the Lycians. The entrance is enormous, and unfortunately the inside is blocked off. 26 more words



From Phong Nha we took the morning bus to Hue, the Imperial City. We were staying about five minutes from where the bus dropped us off at the Hue Four Seasons Guesthouse. 234 more words

Salvation is given through the grace of God

Salvation is given through the grace of God



Can we as a people be saved?  This is an aged old question that at some point in our spiritual journey we all have paused and asked ourselves.  663 more words


MARRAKECH: Flat land of sand, souks and walls


Second day in Marrakech started promising as I was able to find a point of interest right away. Well, it only happened that I took the wrong turn and I ended up right at the door of Place Ben Youssef Medersa. 1,526 more words


Valley of the Kings - Deir el-Bchan, Egypt

If we were ever to feel like a archaeologists, today was the day! Exploring Luxor was quite something but this entire region is well worth a look if you have the time. 623 more words

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