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Photos of an Old Cemetery

Today, on my morning run, I decided to take a slight detour and visit an old cemetery that lies across the entrance of my neighborhood. I loveĀ historic sitesĀ and the questions they stir up. 115 more words



Well, right now… I’m not dead.

But when I am, it’s like… I don’t know,

I guess it’s like being inside a book that nobody’s reading…. 52 more words



A quick drawing from my nearby cemetery. 7 more words


Fifty of my favorite films in alphabetical order because countdowns are lame and pointless (films 41-50)

With the conclusion of my long series of posts containing fifty of my favorite films I would like to thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed it and will continue to visit my page. 2,326 more words


Image of the Day - TBT Tombstone Arizona

Since it is TBT and this past Saturday was our son Mark’s birthday, we thought it would be fun to do a TBT of a time when we took a road trip to Oklahoma and Mark was training for his license- he was a driver for me and my friend Darline and suffered from women’s PMS to Big Hair music of the 80’s- love you son! We love you!!

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Echoes from the Past Haunt Tombstone's Bird Cage Theater

During the Ghost Hunters episode, Jason and Grant heard cards being shuffled, a hard rubber ball being bounced, and an iron gate opening. Some of the crew members allegedly saw moving shadows as well. 590 more words

Haunted Places

Image of the Day - Tombstone Arizona

During a road trip 11 years ago, we stopped at the legendary town of Tombstone in Arizona. Fun times were had at Big Nose Kate’s saloon and quite a tour was taken through the Birdcage which still shows the bullet holes in the walls, small room at the back where low & behold Josie was a prostitute and then of course we watched the re-inactment of the gunfight at the OK Corral- great time, great city and on the list to go back when more time can be spent. Enjoy!

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